Friday, April 23, 2010

We Have an Icon!

Much thanks to member Kanaxa (who also designs some fabulous covers--like BLAZE OF GLORY that was recently launched) for creating our dynamic icon. 

*pulls off veil with a flourish*

Oooooh.  Ahhhhhh.  So eye-catching!

OK, so we have an icon.  What do we do with it?  Why not put it on your blog or site to show it off?

To install the icon on your blogspot, follow these steps:

1.  Right click on the image and select "Save picture as..."  Then select a name, and save it to your computer where you can easily find it again.

2.  On your blog's LAYOUT tab, select a "add a gadget."

3.  Select the Picture option from the list by clicking on it.

4.  In the box that opens, beside Link type on the site adddress:  Beside Caption type "designed by Kanaxa"

5. Beside Image click the circle for "from your computer" then click "browse" and locate the icon file where you stored it on your computer.  Select "shrink to fit" and wait for the image to load. When the image shows in the window, click "Save."

6.  You will now return to the Layout screen.  Simply drag and drop the icon where you'd like to place it in the sidebar.

7.  Click the orange "Save" button at the top of the Layout window. 

When you view your blog, the SFR Bridage Member icon should be displayed.  Click on it to open the SFR Brigade site. 

That's it!  Thanks for promoting the Brigade.   And thanks again to Kanaxa for the beautiful new icon.


  1. Ooooh...le shiny! When I get this on my blog I'm going to feel like a superhero!

    Thanks, Kanaxa!

  2. Love the design, it's bad ass! :)

  3. Wow, what a cool icon! I'll be proud to put it up on my blog when I get home from work.

  4. Gorgeous icon! Thanks for making this. I'll add it to my blog right away! :-D

  5. Btw, I'm SO loving the new group/blog banner! Very awesome indeed!

  6. Love it! Let's see if Donna can follow instructions now and add it to her website!

  7. Nice. It's up on my blog :o) Thank you!

  8. P.S. The SFR Brigade Library is taking a test run out for public viewing today. Suggestions are always welcome. :o)

  9. Great icon. Thank you, Kanaxa.

    Linda Burke

  10. You're welcome! When Laurie and I discussed the SFR Brigade logo, we wanted it to have some POW! And KABOOM! And BANG!

    Oh yes, my onomatopoeia, let me show you them.

    Doing Sheryl's cover for Blaze of Glory was like letting me loose in a candy store. Weeee!


  11. OOh, most awesome-ish! Total gorgeous-osity. Mega neato peachy keen. I likes it. ~Linnea

  12. Very cool...and it's up on my blog. ( Thanks so much for such a nice piece of work!

  13. It's on my blog. Very nice, indeed.

  14. Laurie gives great step by step directions. It's up on my blog too. super SFR Brigade logo!

  15. Just got it up on my blog, thanks!


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