Wednesday, April 28, 2010

SFR Brigade Library Update

Hello, Earthlings!

I'm still trying to get the library up and running. I've seen posts this week for some fantastic new books, but I'm not getting the e-mails with the stats in. I can't add your title to the library if I don't have the following information:

The title, the name it's published under, the genre, and the heat level.

If you have a link to where Brigade members can buy the book, so much the better.


Title by _________ Link (genre/ sensual - hot- erotic)

The more links I get, the more books get added to be TBR pile. :o)


  1. I just went back through the older posts today to find the the one with your email, Liana.

    Sandra, here's the way she listed it in the older post on the library:

    liana(dot)brooks1(at)gma i(dot)com.

  2. Ah, thank you! Now I just have to decide which 'genre' it fits in... doesn't really fit... *tries to shove the octagonal peg in eh round hole*

  3. Liana! I'm tried and - that darn failure imp keeps answering me...

  4. Sandra did you try it with the number 1 after brooks?

    Try that. I'll try too. If not we will have to wait for Liana to give the email to us again.

  5. Yep, that did it. Really should have my glasses on for these things...sheesh.

  6. Ah! Forgot e-mail... sorry :(

    liana (dot) brooks1 (at) gmail (dot) com

    Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. A thousand apologies.


  7. Arg. I wonder if I sent it to the right address? No mail demon yet.

    Hi Red Rose authors. I guess I didn't realize how many SFR Red Rose authors there are! We should take over the RR chat room sometime.


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