Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Inaugural Book Launch Party!

You're invited to SFR Brigade's Inaugural 
Book Launch  Party!

Come join the Brigaders as we celebrate the launch of Sheryl Nantus's new release in a BLAZE OF GLORY!  Let's Tweet, post, and spread the word about this exciting new superhero SFR from Samhain Publishing.

We even have a virtual Launch Cake and refreshments...and a very special treat for one lucky party-goer!  Come on in and join the fun!

Ready?  We have ignition!

BLAZE OF GLORY by Sheryl Nantus

Saving the world is easy for a superhero—unless you’re a fraud.

Jo Tanis is a superhero, fighting evil on the city streets, using her ability to feed off electromagnetic energy and fire off charges—and it’s all just a show. The Agency captures her and others like her when their powers begin to manifest, pitting them against each other in staged, gladiatorial fights. An explosive implant on the back of her neck assures she’ll keep right on smiling for the camera and beating up the bad guys.

When Earth comes under attack, suddenly the show becomes deadly real. Unable to deal with a real alien, the “supers” are falling in droves. Millions of innocent civilians are going to die…unless Jo can cobble together a team from among the fake heroes and villains the Agency enslaved. Including Hunter, who not only promises to show her how to deactivate the implants, but seems to know more than he should about how the mysterious Agency operates.

Forcing a rag-tag bunch of former enemies to work together is the least of Jo’s problems. The trick is determining if Hunter is friend or foe—and becoming the hero everyone thought she was before the world is destroyed for real.

Warning: Contains superhero in-jokes, Canadiana and large alien craft shaped like avocados. Really.

Sound wonderful?  You can read an excerpt here!

BLAZE OF GLORY coming April 20, 2010 from Samhain Publishing.  [Click here.]

Be sure to give Sheryl and BLAZE OF GLORY a spectacular send-off in the comments below. 

And for your very special party favor, Sheryl will award an advance copy of BLAZE OF GLORY to one lucky commenter (or Tweeter).  This contest will run until Thursday night, April 8th, at 10:00 PM Eastern time (USA). 

So pop those champagne corks and let's party!

Who wants some Launch Cake?


  1. Congrats on your book coming out soon. Lets see if I have enough room to add it to my tbr pile, wouldn't want it to fall on me or anything..

  2. Woo hoo, Sheryl! Massive congratulations. Man, I love that cover.

  3. Congratulations on your upcoming release Sheryl!!!

    I would love a giant slice of cake...I have a major sweet tooth plus I can indulge a little today since tomorrow is my birthday...so bring on the cake!


  4. nom nom nom...

    *passes cake around*

    remember, no calories!!!

    *waves over cute cabana boys to serve*


  5. Congratulations, Sheryl.

    *takes the big ol' piece of cake she's handed*

    No calaories. Love that!

  6. Congrats on your book launch, Sheryl! And thanks for the yummy cake. ;)

  7. Woo Hoo!! Congrats on the upcoming release, Sheryl. I can't wait to pick this one up.

  8. I may not say it often enough, and the fact I tend to only see Marty at gaming isn't an excuse...

    I know few authors... much less authors that I know are bound for great success in all their titles. You happen to be at the top of that short list of people.

    Congrats on the release, and may the pages fill with less stress each time.

  9. Oustanding!

    Cake and more SFR to read..life is sweeeet.
    Literally! :)
    Congrats on the new release Sheryl - can't wait to read it & I'll be following this blog for all the latest news!

  10. Me Me Me!!!! I even listed it as something I'm looking forward to on my blog. Can I still beg for it even though I'm a contributor? Pleeeeease?
    YAY!!! Love this and happy release, Sheryl.

  11. Congratulations, Sheryl!! I love the cover.

  12. Congratulations, Sheryl! The cover looks deliciously gritty. :)

  13. You have to have a tweet to enter the contest?

  14. nope - just post here!

    how's that for easy?


    (now, if you want to repost, reTweet, I'd appreciate it...)


  15. Oh okay.

    Post here.

    Now hand over the treasure map, Nicholas Cage...


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