Monday, April 19, 2010

Check Your Links

Brigadiers! Everyone on deck!

We're getting ready to do the Tuesday Blog Tour, where we select several fabulous posts from SFR Brigade members in the past week and post, and we need you to double check the links.

Go find your name on the right hand column under Brigade Members, click your name, and see if the link takes you to your blog. If the link is broken, please report in the comments section. Make sure you include your blog address so we can fix the link.

The Tuesday Blog tour is a great way to generate traffic to your site, and introduce new readers to your work. But it doesn't work if our facilitators can't find your blog.



  1. Need mine to be updated!


  2. At the moment my name links to my website.

    My blog address is

  3. Hi All! Just a quick note. If you listed both addresses in your email requesting membership, we most likely linked to your web site instead of your blog. That's fine as long as your blog link is easy to find on your website.

    If not, no worries, we can change it in a flash.

  4. Ahh, leave as is then, thanks, Laurie!

  5. Mine links to my website, but I have a link on the homepage that goes to my blog.


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