Monday, April 5, 2010

Meet and Greet

My apologies for not announcing every new member as they joined, but the tsunami of emails really kept our administrative staff (me and Sharon) hopping in the last week.

[Uses The Force to send subliminal thought waves: SFR Brigade wants you...for new member in-processing. Your mind is now under our control. You will volunteer for duty. Yes...yes. Excellent.]

Let me introduce the last ten (or so) who were drafted enlisted in our merry band of renegades. For anyone not mentioned, you are welcome, encouraged (and maybe even prodded with a Darmoonian shock stick) to step forward and be recognized. Welcome!

In alphabetical order by first name:

Anthony Stevens
Anthony is a member of Urban Fantasy World and has a Military Science Fiction Romance novel coming out in May. (I lurvvvv Mil SFR!) Anthony, please tell us more.

Bart Palamaro
Bart was recruited by Laurel Wanrow (also a new member listed here--Laurel works fast!) and has been a long-time fan of SF. (And SFR, right Bart?) He is also Vebmeister for a site that is under construction (we'll add the link once its ready for christening).

Charlie Allden
A SFR writer who is aka Cheryl Alldredge. Charlie vows to "do anything I can to help get the word out that sci-fi romance rocks!" Thank you, Charlie. You, too, have been assimilated.

Darynda Jones
The exulted winner of the 2009 RWA Golden Heart for Paranormal and an inspiration for writers everywhere that dreams do come true! (But I'll let her tell that amazing story.) Unfortunately (for us), she didn't win the GH with a SFR, but we understand she has one in the works now! [Uses Vulcan mind control to lure Darynda to the dark side.]

Kathleen Coddington
Kathie recently released a futuristic erotica with Ellora's Cave. We hope to get her book included in a future Book Tagging Party.

Laurel Wanrow
Laurel has a manuscript almost at the marketing stage and will be posing a question to her fellow Brigaders in an upcoming article on Wednesday. Be sure to tune in.

Linnea Sinclair
Probably no introduction needed, as Ms. Sinclair is one of the--if not the-- flagship author of SFR! Her latest release, REBELS AND LOVERS will be featured in our Book Tagging Party on Thursday evening. Don't miss it!

Lizzie Newell
Lizze comes to us from the wonderful RWA FF&P galaxy via a referral from Jeanie Ryan. Welcome, Lizzie. Tell us more about you.

RaeLynn Blue
RaeLynn is a SFR writer and author who is looking forward to being an active member of the SFR Brigade. Tell us more, RaeLynn.

Sandra Allan
Another inductee from the RWA FF&P (Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal specialty online chapter), Sandra gleefully contemplates intergalatic domination.

Selene Noreen
Selene was recruited by fellow Brigader Melisse Aires. Selene, please comment here and tell us a little about yourself and what you write.

Be sure to check out their websites (linked to their names in the Brigade Members roster on the sidebar) to learn more about your talented and enthusiastic crewmates.


  1. Welcome, new recruits!

    And a big hug for Darynda - another Ruby-Slippered Sister, and the only other person I've met who can point to Portales, NM, on a map!

  2. Welcome, everyone. More authors, more books, more staying up until the wee hours reading and driving my husband nuts. Hee hee

    barbara elsborg

  3. I'm happy to be part of the brigade. Awesome list of members.


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