Saturday, April 17, 2010

Welcome, New Members

Here's a (very) brief intro to the new crew members who joined our SFR community this week.  Please give them a warm Brigade welcome and visit their sites on the sidebar to get to know them better.

Clare Dargin
Glad to have you onboard now, Clare.

Ella Drake
A Skiffy Rommer and regular on The Galaxy Express.

Esther Lopez
Currently working on a manuscript, two screenplays and heading to RWA in July.

Karen T. Smith
Karen writes YA SFR and published a YA SFR short in the Return to Luna Anthology.

Kimber An
A book reviewer and YA writer known for her Enduring Romance blog.

Kylie Griffin
A paranormal Golden Heart finalist from Down Under who is planning to attend  RWA.

Liana Brooks
Who has jumped into the fray as a facilitator and is polling on possible new site pages.

Madeleine Drake
Maddy has a SFR novella in progress.

Maria Rogers
Maria is a Publishing Administrator with Liquid Silver Books.

Seanna Cullen
An aspiring author of SFR and Paranormal Romance.

Tels Marrick
Also writing under Tels, TelsiaCharis and Clare Revell.

Larriane Wells
Larriane writes in a variety of genres.

Welcome, new Brigaders!


  1. Welcome one and all - big thanks to each of you volunteering time and effort to the cause

  2. Welcome, again, and if I missed anyone send my a transmission, and I'll slap you up there. Well, not you...just your name.

  3. That was supposed to be "send ME a transmission," of course.

    *grumbles* Comments need edit mode.

  4. This is shaping up to be a great group. Welcome to all the newcomers!


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