Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday Blog Tour

I haz romance. And guns.... who doesn't like guns? Trip on over to Kanaxa's blog and you'll stumble down the rabbit hole to Nat's Hiding Place. Steampunk, cursed Romans, and a very promising title from Samhain Publishing: METAL REIGN.

Wait.... there are boys here?
Bart Palamaro runs Blog Schmog: Bart's Random Thoughts and has an insightful look at the Sci-Fi Military Paradigm. Why do we all write like a spaceship is an extraorbital submersible? Well, Bart has the answer. P.S. Bart isn't the only male lounging with the ladies. Every body play nice and see if we can't get the gentlemen to come out and comment.

We Could Be Heroes...... Sheryl Nantus asked the intriguing question: Why do we want to be superheroes? And what would happen if you could be one. My question is, what super hero would you be? Personally, I always thought Rogue was kind of cool, she could steal everyone else's powers. She should have been a villian, that way she could have had the boys, and a trail of dead bodies. Oh, er, Happily Ever After. Right... maybe she could just have Wolverine than?

Red Alert!!! The talented Aubrie Dionne has some questions to ask of the SFR Brigade about queries. Run on over to her blog, Flutey Words, and see if you can't give her some advice. All I can offer, Aubrie, is that if the story is great it will find a home. :o)

That's all for today's tour. Join us next week as we invade fellow Brigadiers' bases of operation looking for entertainment and education!


  1. Thanks Liana for this great blog tour today!

  2. I've read METAL REIGN and it totally rulz! I've got to get blogging about it because it's one of the few digital "sweet" science fiction romances. This story has so much going for it that you won't miss the sex. At. All.

  3. Thanks for featuring my blog! Now I'm off to check out these other awesome blogs!

  4. Metal Reign is on my to buy list, unless someone wants to donate a copy for review... The whole series looks awesome. And I like the "sweet" romances.


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