Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Poll: What's Your Choice for a Motto

Looks like it's poll night! 

We're about ready to finalize our information cards.  All we need is a motto.  This can be a "just for now motto" or one we adopt as our permanent motto.  I tried to pull a variety of suggestions for the voting list. 

I leave the poll up until sometime Thursday.


  1. (((sigh))) I don't like any of 'em.

  2. oops - me neither. And yes, I know how easy it is to criticise when you can't come up with anything decent yourself. Sorry. I'll go with the majority.

  3. (((sigh))) I don't like any of them either. None convey the science fiction part of our stories. Can we try again? Linda

  4. I chose the future of romance but like LLRosser mentioned, it still doesn't quite grasp that science fiction aspect of SFR. Maybe have something that gives an allusion to something beyond the stars in a speculative way while touching upon the humanity of both romance and SF? Said in shorter format of course lol.

  5. Ok, I get the message that "none of the above" is the write-in vote. Problem is, we're working under a short deadline.

    If you don't like any of these, could you please offer other suggestions? Thanks!

  6. I like "Beyond the stars..."

    How about:

    Action, adventure, and romance beyond the stars.


  7. Ok, since we're deadlocked at production time, I'll make a decision on the first batch of cards.

    Let's continue the poll, and have further discussion and other suggestions and ideas for a permanent motto that the majority is happy with.

    So, let's put on those tinfoil caps and brainstorm again, Brigaders.

    Let me start with this. I liked someone's idea (Kaye's, I think?) along the lines of "We are legion." It speaks more to our community than the SFR genre in general. Is that more the direction we should go?

    (If you're not comfortable with posting here, send me an email and I'll put forth your suggestion anonymously.)

  8. P.S. Linda, thanks for your suggestion. :)

  9. Thanks for thinking it was me with that suggestion, Laurie. But it wasn't. I don't really like the 'legion' word for this motto, because it reminds me too much of paranormal.

    We need something that denotes the stars, etc. But 'To the Stars and Beyond' sounds like it's from Toy Story, lol. We should keep working on it.

    In the meantime Brigraders, we are on a tight schedule here and I tend to say for a temp motto, go with 'the future of romance' because that is what we as SFR authors are trying to convey-- we are here to stay! Our genre is the next big thing in romance! So it will be us that promotes SFR. I say use that as our temp motto and keep working on a better fitting one.

    It's the time crunch that we have to take into consideration right now.

  10. Alternatively, we could simply go with, for the sake of a temporary fix,

    'Science Fiction Romance Community'

    (Unless of course that is already part of this particular promo, in that case, stick with the majority and go with ‘the future of romance’)

    I know it's not flashy, but we really don't have to express a way out attitude to convey what we do as authors. Our work, our commitment to the genre as well as promoting it will be the determining factor that shows the world who we are.
    As Riker says as he chases after an inebriated Cochrane in Star Trek First Contact,
    "We don't have time for this..."

    So lets move on it and get this baby put to bed!

  11. **I chose the future of romance but like LLRosser mentioned, it still doesn't quite grasp that science fiction aspect of SFR**

    ::Points to Rae Lori:: What she said.

    I think the SF part of SFR is crucial, or else we're just a thinly disguised historical romance in space, ie: Lasers N Loincloths.


  12. LOL, Linnea on ~Lasers N Loincloths~

    I think in the near future (no pun intended) with the extreme creative minds here we will come up with a good motto that conveys who we truly are.

  13. "Lasers N Loincloths"

    All the men on board just crossed their legs and moved away.

  14. Lasers and Loincloths?


    I have a passage in one of my novels about a romance novel a character is reading, complete with a barbarian in a kilt standing in front of a spaceport. Remind me to dig it out and share sometime.

    Motto: Not in love with any of them, but I'm voting Future of Romance since we're on a deadline.

  15. P.S. It still doesn't address the science aspect, for me. SFR is more than futuristic romance. But, meh, we'll work on it. No worries.

  16. A party who wishes to remain anonymous has proposed:

    Romancing the possibilities

    Talk amongst yourselves.

    This kind of thing is hard - so subjective, and everyone has their own associations with specific words and phrases. As a marketing writer I've worked on a bunch of company taglines, and the more folks involved, the harder it is. (Though it only takes one CEO to really bog things down. :)

  17. Maybe to help get the creative juices flowing we could toss out some words/phrases that bring the technology/science aspect to mind (such as "cutting edge")...

    Also, are there some space words we might want to kick around, like "supernova" and "nebula"?

  18. I like Love at Warp Speed. :) It's clever and cute.

  19. I like that one too. Another random idea ...

    Love on the laser edge

  20. I actually LIKE "the future of romance" (and NO, I didn't suggest it) because it doesn't just suggest spaceships. SFR encompasses much more than just warp speed or lasers or aliens, much as we love them. "Future" puts us there, both in a "content" sense and in a marketing sense. I suppose we could say "the science of romance", but who wants to read about that? :-)

  21. I admit I like "the future of romance" too. (No, I didn't suggest it either. :)

  22. Okay, my tag is 'Exploring Love at FTL' But Donna is correct--not all SFR is about spaceships and aliens (No? I thought it was, lol) Really though, she is right. And that tag is all mine! But hey-- I'm willing to share if you guys really want it. No? That's okay. I love it anyway!

  23. OK, "The Future of Romance" it is. For now. For this batch, anyway.

    Let's keep the ideas coming.

  24. SFR: Everywhere you want to be.

    Or is that taken already?

    SFR: You know you want to...

  25. You know, I kind of liked that "Anytime, Anywhere" idea that came out earlier. I like the double meaning. Could italicize the "time" and "where" parts for emphasis. We'd probably want more words than that, but maybe something to think about.

  26. How about Romancing Technology?
    For Love of Nuts and Bolts. Whoops! that could be taken too many ways.
    The Romance of Technology
    Technological Seduction


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