Saturday, April 24, 2010

Marking an Anniversary

On Twitter, in addition to following my fellow Brigaders and various SFR authors and writing organizations, I also follow NASA and a group of astronauts and future astronauts.  I picked this up on my Twitter feed today.  Doesn't it seem there should have been a bit more made of this monumental anniversary in the media?  Or am I alone in thinking our space program is grossly overlooked by the major news networks?

20 years ago today, Hubble was launched into space aboard Shuttle Discovery on STS-31.
20 years later, Discovery has just completed STS-131!

and Hubble Space Telescope!


  1. Ah, at least Google is honoring the event. Have you seen their home page today?

    And speaking of which, check out this spectacular Hubble image of the Carina Nebula--a star nursery some 7500 lightyears distant. Amazing!

    (And now I'm wondering if this nebula is the source of the Carina Press moniker?)

  2. Dear gods, it's been TWENTY YEARS? Trying not to feel old here...


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