Sunday, April 11, 2010

Crew Advisory: Tag Parties

A message from the shuttle bay to all gravity-well bound personnel for the Thursday Tag Parties:

I'll be on the lookout for members' new releases but if you have a recent release, (let's say in the last six months) or a book recently added to Amazon, and would like to be included in the Thursday Tag Party, please email me:

Author name and title will do - I'll have full scanners on to locate you.


  1. Thanks again, Sandra, for taking over the Tagging Party duties. I have a list of novels I'll send you that were mentioned in recent members' applications that you can scout for SFR.

  2. BTW, the importance of SFR book tagging just came up in an article by author Rowena Cherry on a prominent SFR blog--Alien Romances.

    I'll have a post up in the morning to link to it and open up a new discussion, but you can get a sneak peek by looking on the sidebar under "Fascinating." which highlights blurbs from such blogs as The Galaxy Express, Alien Romances and Sci-Fi Guy.

  3. How timely! Singly, we are minute.

    Together -

    We Are Legion


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