Saturday, April 17, 2010

Blog Tour (A Little Late This Week)

We're still looking for a volunteer to manage our Tuesday (*ahem* okay, Saturday this week) Blog Tour. [*dangles point incentives in front of crowd of restless Brigaders*]

So continuing our Getting to Know You tour, here are links to members blogs that feature something of interest for SFR Brigaders.

Our first stop is Kaye Manro's blog where member Laurann Dohner talks about her April 16 release, Kissing Steel, second in the Cyborg Seduction Series from Ellora's Cave.  Laurann discusses her adventures as a writer and gives more information about the other titles in the Cyborg Seduction series.

Next up, we have Spacefreighters Lounge, where you're always welcome to drop into a hover chair and have yourself a Billins...  Donna S. Frelick always writes well thought-out and inspiring articles such as this week's Quest for Fire, about the search for ideas and muse fuel.

And what's this?  While perusing J. C. Hay's site, I stumble upon the announcement of the February release of Impulse Power from Samhain featuring romantic SF stories by three (count 'em three!) SFR Brigade members--Robert Appleton's The Mythmakers, Nathalie Gray's Metal Reign and J. C. Hay's Hearts and Minds.  (You all have been entirely too quiet about this project.)  I also understand a December release in paperback is in store. I see a book tagging project in the near future?

Jody Wallace offers a Free Panther on her blog.  This is a very interesting concept in serializing stories via text to cell phones that you really should see.  It includes a link to the site. I'm intrigued!

Clare Dargin posts on a subject that's near and dear to my heart, and maybe the hearts of many SFR writers and any who dream of what's yet to be, The Manned U.S. Space Program is not Dead.

That's just a few of the goings on at your fellow Brigader's bases of operations.  But don't stop here.  When you have a few free minutes, check out the links to some of your fellow crewmember's site.  We've added a blog roll (still under construction) to the bottom of this site so you can scan some of the most recent posts and images. Go ahead and make the rounds. You never know where your voyage of discovery might take you.


  1. Laurie, can you contact me off-loop re:Blog Touring -

  2. Got it! :-)

    Thanks for responding so quickly!

  3. Good things going on this week at SFRB! I've been off world (out of town) for a few days and am just catching up. Thanks to Laurie for featuring my blog this week. And for, well everything!

  4. We've added the Laurann Dohner interview to our "Can't Stop the Signal" sidebar now.

    Be sure to let us know of other member interviews on your blog or others.

  5. P. S. They don't have to be current. This is a way for Brigaders to learn more about their fellow crewmembers.


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