Thursday, January 27, 2011

Two Short Stories release in new anthology!

While most of the short stories in this anthology are NOT SFR, one of mine IS and it's the lead short story in the anthology!

Comfort Zone 
Marrying a man she'd met once was a bad idea. When the guy was ET it was insane—even if they were anatomically compatible. He and his world weren't just outside her comfort zone, they were outside her comfort universe. And if he didn't have amazing green eyes, saving her father's career might not have been enough to get her through the wedding...

I don't write a lot of stories where someone doesn't die or have to battle someone for something, so this is a rarity. It is just a romance story. Right now, it is only available in digital, at Amazon and ARE/OmniLit, but it should show up in print soon. 

This is the last anthology (for now) that I have stuff in, but I have to say, I like having them. They fill in the gaps between books rather nicely. I'm over at The Romance Studio having a release party for this anthology. There are prizes and lots of other books, if you feel inclined to party!


  1. Congrats! Sounds very cool - a romance? No violence and death? Interesting!

  2. I know! In context it makes sense. I thought up the idea and wrote it while my son was ill. But you will note that it is short. I can't seem to do long straight romance. I get past about 10,000 words and someone either dies or gets into a battle. LOL!

  3. An SFRB in good standing (which you are) can write anything they darned well please.


  4. LOL! Well, thank you! :-) Short does sometimes make a nice change from my BABs. (grin)

  5. That is rockin'!

    I'm not a straight romance chick either. It has to have a good dose of battle, death, and maybe a few genetically mutated humans to boot.

    Very excited for you!

  6. Hi Pauline! I stopped by TRS yesterday and left a comment-- I hope it posted! Congrats on the anthology.

  7. It did post! Many thanks for the support! :-)

  8. Love the blurb! Will have to add this to my growing list of SFRs to read, Pauline.

  9. Congratulations on the release! Looking forward to the read.

  10. Many thanks, Laurie and Heather! It's pretty fluffy read, but that's what I needed to write at the time. lol!


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