Monday, April 19, 2010

A Cover, A Contest, and Interviews

A few links for everyone today:

I invite you to check out the cover premiere for IN ENEMY HANDS by KS Augustin at The Galaxy Express. This science fiction romance release will be among the Carina Press launch titles.

Susan Grant is holding a contest for her Star trilogy. Click here to learn more.

Enduring Romance interviews Linnea Sinclair.

There's an interview with Gini Koch (TOUCHED BY AN ALIEN) at Pearls Cast Before A McPig.

Please tweet and/or blog about them as you can!


  1. Thanks Heather.

    I just love the In Enemy Hands cover, Kaz!

    It good to know Carina Press is open to SFR.

  2. Already been to The Galaxy Express to comment on that cover. So gorgeous. Thanks for the updates and crosslinks, Heather!

  3. Yes, great work with the crosslinks, Heather. You're a gem!


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