Saturday, April 10, 2010


The SFR Brigade is moving ahead at warp speed.  So much so that it left our chief facilitator (that would be me *waves*) in its space dust this week.  Hopefully all new recruits have now been signed in.  If you requested membership and haven't been contacted or added to the Brigade Member roster, please let us know.  The transmission sequence is:  SFRpreview @ gmail . com (without spaces).

The State of the Crew
As of this moment we have 73 members! (Like Michigan weather, wait a minute it'll change.  :) )  Our next goal of  "75 by Friday" looks very possible (understatement).  The addition of all these members may mean we need to redivvy up the posting days.  More later.

We Heart Our Volunteers!
Thanks to everyone who has volunteered to take on some duty time with the Brigade.  This community couldn't keep running without them.  It takes a community.  :)

Our New "Officers on Deck"  (Yea!)
Kaye Manro (Also working details on a possible web site.  Thanks, Kaye!)
Leslie Dow
Liana Brooks
L. L. Rosser
Vicky Burkholder

Our New Book Tagging Party Coordinator (Hip! Hip! Hooray!)
Sandy Stixrude

Publishing House Spotlight
We also have several authors working on a proposed publishing house spotlight to be held in the mid-May timeframe and another sometime this fall.  Thanks to all of you for your efforts.  Three cheers!

Conference Insertion Teams
Several members have reported they'll be attending one or more conferences this summer, and we're working the logistics to design some initial buttons and information cards they can have onhand.  We also had tons of great suggestions for a motto.

There's a big event at RT we hope to man with volunteers, and we have a member scouting the possibility of a Bazaar table and informal get-together at RWA.  And all Brigaders will be invited to do posts, and send reports, pictures, and YouTubes during and after the conferences. More details to come.

Point Update
Here's our point tally for the last week.  We have oodles to award.  Did we miss anyone?  Let me know.

Bart Palamaro -- 1 point for recruiting Kathleen Coddington
Charlie Allden -- 1 point for recruiting Eden Glenn and 1 for volunteering to facilitate
Heather Massey -- 1 point for her continued promotion of the SFR Brigade
Jess Granger -- 1 point for her galley giveaway and Twitter Blast
Kaye Manro -- 1 point for volunteering to facilitate, 1 for working on website
L. L. Rosser -- 1 point for volunteering to facilitate
Laurel Wanrow -- 1 point for posting the article that generated the most response (22 comments)
Laurie Green -- 1 point for recruiting Laura Scarlett
Leslie Dow -- 1 point for volunteering to facilitate
Liana Brooks -- 1 point for volunteering to facilitate
Melisse Aires -- 1 point for recruiting Selene Noreen
Sandra Allan -- 1 point for recruiting Charlie Allden
Sandra Stixrude -- 1 point for volunteering to be the Thursday Tag Party coordinator
Sheryl Nantus -- 1 point for sponsoring a book giveaway
Vicky Burkholder -- 1 point for volunteering to facilitate

Upcoming Events For the Week

We've got big news!  One of our Brigaders just landed a well-known agent!  Keep your radar tuned to these coordinates for the rest of the intel.

We have another author who will be asking your opinion in combination with an e-book giveaway.  That should go up this weekend.


  1. I sure hate to give away a point, but pretty sure you awarded me one for the agency posting last week! :)

  2. Well done, Laurie!! You are a star.
    Oh and Raelene Gorlinsky of Ellora's Cave will contribute in May when we give her a date. If not her, then someone will be delegated.

  3. Oh my, Sharon, I just checked and you are right. OK, I'll update the standings and edit the post. Thanks for your honesty.

    Barbara, that sounds wonderful. We'll announce dates shortly, but it will probably be a five day window during one week. Oh, and I see you changed your user name. :)


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