Friday, April 9, 2010

A Call to Stations

The SFR Brigade had a beautiful launch, is currently firing on all thrusters and climbing toward apogee. Now we need your support to help carry this community forward.

Attention!  All hands on deck!  :)

In order to drive ahead as a community, we need volunteers to help with a variety of tasks.  As writers, authors and professionals, some of us are working under deadlines, but if everyone could pitch in to help (even a little) we can move ahead lightyears collectively.  Please volunteer! 

We need a few (dozen) volunteers to share facilitating the site.  This means signing up new members (takes about 5 minutes per member) and scouting and deleting spam comments.  We can provide instructions if you're not familiar with the settings and layout features. 

Thursday Tag Party
Who would like to take over the coordination of our weekly Book Tag Party?  It involves identifying members books and writing the post with links, and posting cover art, if desired.  This should take about 15 minutes of your time per week.

Tuesday Blog Tour
Ditto on the blog tour.  Who would like to take command of this duty?  It involves scouting member blogs for content or special posts, writing the post, inserting links and shouting it out to fellow members.  Another 15 minute per week duty.

Incoming Transmission... Coordinator
This is a periodic post with a description and links to other blogs or web sites with helpful or informative information, articles or news.  It takes very little time and is on no set schedule.

Book Launch Party Coordinator
You've seen the Book Launch for BLAZE OF GLORY.  We'd like more like this, please.  Who'd like to help our members' books get a proper send-off by organizing launch parties and promos?  A bit of experience with blogspot is helpful, but we have members who would be willing to help you format if you're not experienced with blogspot.

Blogspot Advisor
If you have a good general knowledge of Blogspot, would you be willing to act as an advisor to members who have particular questions about posting, formating and adding images?

Publishing House Spotlight

We'd like to do an extravanganza sometime in May to spotlight a variety of publishing houses. If you're a published author, would you be willing to contact your editor or the staff at your house about providing a history and facts about their organization, what sort of manuscripts they are looking for, upcoming calls for submission, etc.

Even if you don't feel you can take on a duty at this time, remember there are a few simply things everyone can do to help support the Brigade.
Even if you don't have a lot to say, support your fellow Brigader by letting them know you read their post and participate in the activities. Everyone likes to see their posts are being read.

Click the "follow" link so you can see new posts as they go up.

Tell your peers about SFR Brigade. A community of 50+ SFR enthusiasts makes a statement. A community of 100+ active members makes an impact crater. Help us become the voice of SFR.


  1. I've asked Ellora's Cave if they'd like to post - I await a response!


  2. I can do/contribute to Publishing House spotlights... someone needs to let me know word count and deadlines off-loop.

  3. I can talk to at least one publisher (Liquid Silver Books).

  4. *Raises hand* Do you have someone for the Thursday Tag thing? I will take it if not - may want to email me offline with details.

    I think Kaye and I might be able to talk to Red Rose as well...

  5. Just give me an assignment, and point me in the right direction.

  6. I can be a Facilitator if you give me instructions. Contact me offline at

    Linda Burke


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