Saturday, April 24, 2010

Top 10 List of SFR

I stumbled upon this Top 10 List of SFR by member Heather Massey over on the Dear Author blog.  Great round-up of SFR reads, although I have to confess I've only read six of the top ten, though I had two others in my infamous Leaning Tower of TBR.  Guess I better pick up those other two stragglers, now.  :)

Oh, and of course I have to note that three of our SFR Brigade members--Linnea Sinclair, Jess Granger and Karin Shah are on the list!

Anyone else want to share their own list of Top 10 SFR in the comments?


  1. I think the list has to include Bujold.

  2. Thanks for the linkage!

    I think the list has to include Bujold.

    Which is why top five or ten lists make me nervous because my favorites actually extend beyond ten. They also change slightly over time. For example, I read Anne McCaffrey voraciously back in the day but I'm not sure if any of her books would be in my top ten if I re-read her books today.

    CORDELIA'S HONOR would have been a great book to include. I remember thinking, well so many people have read it that it's a given--it's a list of its own.

    And btw, that list isn't ranked. I didn't even think about doing that.


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