Friday, April 16, 2010

Writing Science Fiction Romance

Writing science fiction is certainly a challenge. Little did I know how difficult it would be to write something where you have to describe everything in the imaginary world so your readers will understand and imagine the outer space world my characters were living in.

I had next to no help from my critique group and there were even a few who refused to work with me (even though they worked with me on my previous novels). I did it though. It's called Irina's Quest. Red Rose Publishing was interested in publishing it and it came out in 2008. I haven't tried to write another one because it was so difficult, but I loved writing it anyway.
Here's what it was about:

Irina is the captain of a ship that's hurtling through space trying to find a new planet Earth. It takes place in the future when our planet is no longer inhabitable because of our love affair with cars and nuclear weapons. Only 500 humans are left alive; 498 are below deck sleeping in their pods while Irina and Sandy are searching the galaxy for a suitable planet.

Unfortunately, a group of Earthlings, led by Irina's cousin and aunt, believe that God wanted all humans to die when the Earth ceased to be habitable. They are determined to annihilate Irina and her spaceship. When Irina does find a suitable planet, Irina's aunt blows it to smithereens.

The answer to her prayers appears to have fallen in her lap when she meets Ken who is a human from a very advanced civilization, but, Ken is forbidden from helping Irina establish a new planet. He is however allowed to marry Irina.

Irina is tempted to take Ken up on his offer. His world is perfect, but can she walk away from her fellow Earthlings? Will Ken abide by his people's rules even if it means losing Irina?
Here's a trailer:


  1. The book sounds fascinating :o) I'll have to see about adding a copy to my TBR pile.

    *loves all the new books she's finding through SR Brigade*

    On a side note, have you considered a different critique group for your next SFR novel? I know there are online critique groups that have strong SFR communities on them. You could consider getting help for your next novel there and still work with your current group on your other novels.

  2. Maybe...just maybe...we should see if this community here wants to do critique group-ing? (OK, fine, that's not a real word - too bad)

  3. Hi Leigh. I agree finding crit partners can be difficult when you write SFR, or anything "different." Glad to hear you forged ahead and wrote the story you wanted to write.

    Sandra's suggestion about organizing critique groups might be something we want to look into as a community. We might want to consider a ready-made site for critiques called CritiqueCirlce. (Several of us Brigaders met through CC so we know the ropes.)

    I believe we can set up multi-member private queues with up to eight members per queue using the basic (free) membership. That might be one possible avenue. You can check out Critique Circle at

  4. *waves hi again*

    Not to be an echo, but CC is great. I've met several excellent SFR writers there. Private queues are fantastic, and would save us from having to set up a way of doing it through the blog.

    For those not interested in that route, there may be people here interested in being online critique partners. And we can probably work up regular chat forums to discuss the basic things like characterization or plot issues.

    ... um... Don't ask me about the technical details of that one yet. I know it can be done. The how I'm a little vaguer on. But it could be done if you need it.

    <-- Me, who will go to great lengths to see more SFR books on the shelf.

  5. Hi Leigh! My SFR, Forbidden Love releases on May 20, 2010 at Red Rose. If you have problems with critters who don't like SFR, and want to write in this genre, there are authors here who can help! Just put out the word on the Brigade and they will come to your aid.

  6. Hi Leigh! I agree with others here. Maybe there should be a SFR crit group for members who need it here through The Brigade, or maybe a clearing house?

  7. Hi Leigh. Great to meet you here. Your book sounds great and it's such a pity you didn't have more help with critiquing. I was very lucky when I wrote my first book 'Starquest'. I met a (male) writer on-line who was writing a fantasy himself and we agreed to be crit partners. He happend to love space opera and I think my book is much better because of his honest input. I think at least one good crit partner is essential.

  8. Forgot to say, I'm critting two of my friends' books at the moment and working on my third futuristic romance, but I'd certainly be willing to help as a critiquer for someone here at a later date!


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