Monday, April 26, 2010

Release Week Party Announcement!

Hi everyone,

I know I'm busting in here a day early again, but this is a big announcement. The blog party kickoff for the release of Beyond the Shadows starts today. I have a list of events and giveaways, including a ton of free books. I'm giving away copies of Beyond the Shadows all week, but also a slew of other fun SFR titles including Tsunami Blue, Touched by an Alien, and Rebels and Lovers. Go forth and check it out, and spread the word. Hope to see you at the party!



  1. Whew....Partay! Sounds great, Jess! I'll definitely check it out.

  2. I just blogged about it! Looks like a rockin' event.

  3. Thanks. I went to the bookstore and grabbed whatever was SFR on the shelves to help boost some of my fellow authors' numbers, so I've got some great books to give away this week.

  4. Can I chime in here as a lucky early reader of Beyond the Shadows and say what a great read it is! Memorable characters, lots of action and names that aren't hard to pronounce - do you know how important that is!! Seriously, folks - this is one not to missed.

  5. Well I know what a great writer Jess is so this comes as no surprise, but still...when Barbara the Book-Reading Machine endorses a book, I know it's going be sensational.

  6. Aw, thanks Barbara! I'm going to do a happy dance as I pack for RT now.


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