Saturday, April 17, 2010


We've had another stellar week with some great posts, indepth discussions, fun activities and gleeful plotting (more on the plotting part later).  Let me get you all up to light speed.

Member Roster
Can you give me a drum roll or fanfare or twenty-one thruster salute?  We have now reached -- wait for it --84 members!  Our "75 by Friday" goal was brilliantly blown away, so we have exceeded above and beyond the call of duty and deserve immediate promotion. We're now just 16 away from having full crew capacity (but never fear, we'll still have room for passengers on the roster).  Here's a little incentive. I'll award double points (2) for anyone who recruits a new member in the next week.  Our goal this week: A Hundred by Friday! Let's boldly seek out and assimilate active, dynamic Skiffy Rommers who'd love to grab this starship and run with it.

Points Tally
Whew!  We have a host of members who earned points this week. In addition to finals or wins in contests, points are earned by participation and advancing the purposes of the SFR Brigade.  Below is the rundown of point-earners.  If you feel I've erred, please email me so we can reconcile.  (With the exception of Kylie Griffin's final, these points are not yet included and will be added to the point standings later this weekend.  Some tweaking of the standings list format is in order.)

In notes order (no particular):

1 - Barbara Elsborg book giveaway
1 - Barbara Elsborg for the post the generated most comments
1 - Linnea Sinclair for title banner 1
1 - Linnea Sinclair for title banner 2
1 - Linnea Sinclair for designing title banner 3
1 - Kylie Griffin for a contest final with a SFR (already added)
1 - Sandra Allen for recruiting Kylie Griffin
1 - D. L. Jackson for refering Seanna Cullen
1 - D. L. Jackson for refering Maria Rogers
1 - Sandra Stixrude for the Book Tag Party
1 - Liana Brooks for page initiation poll project
1 - Sharon Lynn Fisher for agent info post
1 - Sharon Lynn Fisher for Officer on Deck duties
1 - Leslie Dow for recruiting Karen T. Smith
1 - Leslie Dow for Officer on Deck duties
1 - Kaye Manro for recruiting Clare Dargin
1 - Kaye Manro for recruiting Tels Marrick
1 - Kaye Manro for Officer on Deck duties
1 - Charlie Allden for Officer on Deck duties
1 - L.L. Rosser for Officer on Deck duties
1 - Vicky Burkholder for Officer on Deck duties
1 - Heather Massey for an exceptional info article
1 - Laurie Green for recruiting Liana Brooks
1 - Erica Hayes for recruiting Kylie Griffin

I'm also going to up the ante for these activities.
2 points for each new member up to 100
2 points for hosting a book launch for a member
2 points for doing a (min. 500 word) review of a member's book

Stand Ready
What's coming up next?  We'll have:
  • a major author interview and giveaway
  • a post about the upcoming Publishers' Week plans
  • news and update on the RT and RWA plans
  • more discussion on our official motto
  • and more!
Thanks to all Brigader members and active passengers for a fantastic week!


  1. 84 members and counting! Awesome. And a huge thank you for all the time you've invested in this, Laurie. You certainly know how to create spectacular worlds.

  2. Thanks Arlene. Yes, the Brigade has come a long way in a very short time. It's exciting to know there are so many others "out there" who write about the future and/or possibility and share the same enthusiasm about the (sub)genre. As the old saying goes, "We are not alone."


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