Monday, April 26, 2010

Book Giveaway at The Romance Studio

A PIRATE'S PASSION is one of the e-book giveaways at The Romance Studio for Monday, 26 April.  The TRS' Book-A-Day Giveaway page is here:

Pirate Gil Ahn is after money, not romance. And if he keeps repeating that to himself, he may even start believing it.

Gilthen Ahn is captain of the Darck Banks cartel, one of the more notorious pirate bands in Republic space. He has six ships under his command. And, unless he finds money to pay his debts, he’ll lose everything.
Poor little rich girl, Tera d’Olzon, is trying to make a difference by thumbing her nose at the despotic Republic, but things haven’t quite turned out the way she anticipated. After running from the Security Force, she is “rescued” by Gil’s cartel.

The reasonable thing for the cartel to do is to ransom her. But that won’t bring in enough money. So Gil hatches a plan….

KS "Kaz" Augustin

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  1. I arrived late, but was still able to enter. :) Looks like a great read, Kaz.


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