Friday, April 9, 2010

What We Need is a Motto

OK, all you talented people.  We need to come up with a motto for our information cards. What sort of motto? For our purposes, some sort of a tag line might work. Such as:

"To boldly go where no one has gone before."
"May the Force be with you."
"You can't take the sky from me."
"Get a job. Get paid. Keep flying."

(You'll recognize these as famous quotes from Sci-Fi. :)

So let's explore ideas for our Science Fiction Romance Community motto. Something short and catchy that embodies the spirit and romance of SFR, but maybe doesn't limit it to just space vessels, other planets or futuristic elements. Something with universal meaning, maybe a broader meaning than just the words at face value? Maybe a common phrase with a twist?

One example:

"Science Fiction Romance: The sky is not the limit."

Okay, okay, other than the fact it's the title of Neil deGrasse Tyson's book (but titles aren't copyrighted) something like that?

Here's another we're using on Spacefreighters Lounge:

"Science Fiction Romance: Where the imagination goes, the heart follows."

or it could be "Follow your heart to the stars!"

And here are a couple of other suggestions to get your wheels turning:

"Save the universe. Get the girl."

"Love and a blaster, what more could a girl ask for?"

(Those are from a 2008 Intergalactic Science Fiction Romance Week on Spacefreighters Lounge, and I think a new member might have even coined them.)

So, any thoughts or ideas pop into your head you'd like to share?  Go ahead and post them in a comment.  Let's brainstorm a bit.  (Otherwise I'll just have to choose one and who knows what you'll get.  hehe)


  1. "SFR:Making new things familiar and familiar things new"???

  2. To the stars and beyond.

  3. This is never an easy task!

    Sci-fi romance - Love & adventure with universal appeal.

    Sci-fi romance - Love across the light-years.

    Sci-fi romance - The universe is our playground.

    I'm sure more creative minds than mine can do better.

    Signing off now.

  4. Okay-- please guys, let us try to come up with something that is not a Cliché, something original maybe?

    I don't have anything yet Laurie but everyone-- let's all see what we can do.

    Think Original!

    Let's be proud to be SFR authors. We are those who dare to think outside the proverbial box!

  5. (typing with cat on lap...) I haven't had enough caffeine to be fully coherent yet but...

    I used Interstellar Adventure Infused with Romance as my tag. You're welcome to use that or spin off it. I'm throwing these things out just to spur someone's brain cells that are more caffeinated than mine at the moment...

    Science Fiction Romance: No Boundaries
    SFR: Chasing Romance Beyond the Galaxy's Edge
    SFR: When You Want It All
    SFR: Adventure with No Limits, Love With No Boundaries
    SFR: Geeks, Galaxies, and Getting It On (oh, that sucks...)
    SFR: Bet You Can't Read Just One
    SFR: Seducing The Stars
    (Oh, I'm getting punchy...)
    SFR: Because Love and the Galaxy Know No Bounds/Have No Limits
    (you pays your money, you takes your choice)

    I think I need more coffee... ~Linnea

  6. I'll put in a vote for the title of the blog I did over on Spacefreighters this week: SFR:Love Has No Limits. That seems to go along with several other suggestions.

  7. I like the simplicity of that, Donna. And a slightly tweaked version ...

    SFR: Love beyond the limits

  8. Another idea ...

    "SFR: Love on the edge"

    Okay, enough from me. Brainstorming is hard while carrying on truly dizzying conversation with a 3-year-old.

  9. Hummmmm. Playing off Star Trek:TNG, we could do

    SFR: The new frontier (as opposed to the final frontier)

    SFR: The new frontier in love.

    SFR: The new frontier in fiction.

    SFR: Tales from the universe.

    SFR: From the universe and beyond.

    SFR: From Earth to the universe beyond.

    SFR: Love at warp speed.

    Plus, there's no law that says we have to put the SFR in front. Could just use "romance". ie; Romantic tales from the universe. Or Romantic tales from across the galaxy. Or, Romance, the next frontier in space travel.

  10. Ack. Taglines R not I.

    Speculation, Possibility, True Love, and High Adventure.

    Hmmm. I'd like to do something with the Alien tag: In space, no one can hear you scream. Switch that one around: In SFR...what? That's where I get lost. So I throw that out as group fodder.

    Apparently, I too, need far more caffeine.

  11. SFR Brigade: Conquering Worlds One Book At A Time
    SFR Brigade: Universal Appeal Across The Galaxy
    SFR Brigade: The Storm Trooper's Guide To Romance
    SFR Brigade: The Future Of Romance

  12. We are Legion - no, no, just kidding

    SFR Brigade: Where Love and Singularities Meet

    SFR BRigade: Because the Human Heart is no Earthbound

  13. not Earthbound

    gah - my eyes are tired after work

  14. Hmm, playing with ideas:

    Explosions are a good thing: SFR, where things get hotter.

    Ad Adamo/Amoris Per Astra (which my rough HS Latin translates To the Heart Through the Stars - I'd need to check with my Latin Geek Squad to make sure the translation was exact)

    Ad Astra Cum Cordis (To the stars with heart)

    SFR: Where science meets possibility

    Starships, blasters, and bad boys... it's a dream come true.

    ... some pun on element names?

    <--- Liana, who likes books that books that can be summarized by: Things Go Boom.

  15. Brainstorming:

    SFR Brigade: Leading the Way to the Future
    The Brigade: Facts, Fiction, Future, and Fun
    Sci-Fi Romance: Love Can Happen Anywhere
    Sci-Fi Romance: Love Can Happen Anywhere, Anytime

    That's all my brain has for now.

    Linda Burke


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