Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Fluid Morality

Scientists have discovered that magnets can alter a person's perception of morality. Granted, in this limited study, the change was minor and temporary, but we're writing science fiction here and this is the stuff of major bad guy weaponry. Why have Dr. Doomsday get off his evil genius backside when he can apply his magnetic mind altering device to a captured good guy and have said hero do the dirty work? Or does Dr. Doomsday alter the heroine's moral compass enough that she'd date him? If she does date him, how does that alter Dr. Doomsday's morality? Something about wanting a bunch of baby evil geniuses underfoot has a way of changing a man's priorities - if not his morality.


  1. Hi Marcella! I love the idea of a magnetic mind altering device. It sounds like you have the elements for a good SFR right here!

  2. Ooooooo I love this idea.

  3. And those bracelets and blankets are supposed to be so good for you. Could an armband be activated by remote control to alter the ... victim?

  4. Oh. My. Gosh.... Now my brain is twitching!

    You do realize that I'm going to be forced to write at least an outline for this before I can get to bed tonight, don't you?

    *pictures Evil Overlord as Mr. Mom*


  5. So, like, all those refrigerator magnets I have are the reason I can so blithely break my diet and snarf down a pint of black-raspberry-chocolate-chip ice cream? It's not my lack of willpower, right? It's the freakin' magnets...

  6. Can I, uh, "borrow" that explanation next time I raid the 'fridge?

    *sheepish look*

  7. Between this and the recent reboot of the LHC, there has been plenty to drive those plot bunnies right out of their holes!

    But the most critical question raised by this post IMHO ... Where does one go to get black-raspberry-chocolate-chip ice cream?

  8. Sharon - LOL!

    I don't know, but may I suggest HD's white chocolate raspberry truffle in the meantime?

  9. Graeter's has the only black raspberry chocolate chip. It's beyond awesome. They ship nationally. It's worth it. (And if you're going to RT, you can get it right there in Columbus OH...)


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