Saturday, April 3, 2010

Week One Recap


Here's our situation report for week one.  Outstanding!

We've had a wonderful response from those wishing to join, and here's a mega-big thank you to those who helped get the word out, which included...The Galaxy Express...42 Blips...Kaye Manro's blog...Jennifer Leeland's blog...Laurel Wanrow's blog...a mention in SciFiGuys Urban Fantasy Weekend Report and on Enduring Romance, and we even heard a rumor that author Linnea Sinclair mentioned it on her Yahoo group.  Big shout out to Ms. Sinclair, if so!  Thanks also to all of the members who tweeted and linked.

We have Brigade members who have volunteered for or are working on online banners, promo items for events, a few event ambassador volunteers and a possible lead for designing a website.  What would you like to get involved with? Let me know. You'll be hearing more on our various projects soon. Onward and upward!

We could still use some facilitators to help sign up new members and monitor the blog during weekdays.  I think there was one volunteer to help, so I'll contact her to see if she's available to help cover this coming week.  If anyone's interested please let me know.  It's a pretty easy tour of duty.

Membership Report

As of this writing, we have -- *21 phaser salute*-- 43 members!!!  Our goal of "50 by Friday" seems very doable at the moment.  Be sure to tell your peers about SFR Brigade and mention it on your websites.

Special Activity Awards for the Past Week

I'd be remiss not to award Heather Massey a point for her great support and wonderful article on The Galaxy Express that brought in so many new members.  Thanks, Heather!

Sharon Lynn Fisher served as "officer on deck" for several shifts getting new members signed up while I was blog-locked at work.  Much thanks for being my, Sharon.  1 point.  And another point for doing the scouting report on Stringer Literary Agency as a potential SFR-friendly agent. 

Jennifer Leeland's Twitter Palooza book giveaway was our most active event of the week.  1 point and a big thanks to Jennifer.

I've already awarded several points to Brigaders for recruiting new members, and I have two more to announce.  One point to Kim Knox for recruiting a member and one to Laurel Wanrow for recruiting Bart Palomaro.

A $20 gift certificate to Amazon is going into the Special Cargo bin (over yonder on the sidebar) to be awarded to our contest winners next March.  And we're working on some more fun treasures now.

Congrats, all. 

I'll be generous with awarding activity points the first few weeks for those who post articles, SFR books reviews (2 points for reviewing members books!), and scouting reports to encourage participation, so got 'em while they're hot.

So What's on the Scanners for Next Week?

We're planning a very special event for Tuesday--our Inaugural Book Launch Party for a member's novel--and what I hope is the first of many.  We hope to do another Twitter Blast of the event to help generate activity.  Be sure to keep your radar dishes aimed this direction for more details.

I hope we'll have some progress reports on special acitivities and possibly a poll or two to gather intel from Brigaders. 

We'll have our Tuesday Tour of a member's blog and another Tag Party on Thursday.

I encourage members to post and really get our community fired up.  I'll publish the schedule again below and also post it on the sidebar:

If your first name starts with A - H, post on Mondays
If your first name starts with I - K, post on Tuesdays
If your first name starts with L - Ma, post on Wednesdays
If your first name starts with Me - R, post on Thursdays
If your first name starts with S - Z, post on Fridays

Anyone can post on weekends.
Task groups can post progress reports at any time.

Thanks to all the Brigaders for making this a very exciting and eventful week!


  1. Woot! Way to go, team!

    we even heard a rumor that author Linnea Sinclair mentioned it on her Yahoo group.

    Oh, I can clear that one up right now, LOL! At the risk of sounding like a credit hog (oink, oink), I posted the info about the Brigade to her group. It was possible because Linnea Sinclair has been *supremely* supportive of her members sharing SFR related news. So thank you, Linnea!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. OOps on previous post!

    What a great first week! I missed the tagging party but will look for it next week. My SFR Cybot Awakened just hit the kindle store--can it get included one of theses weeks?

    I'm on a SFR and erotic romance yahoo loop and will post about the blog there.

  4. Thank you for the shout out Heather and for clearing up the mystery on the rumor. :)

    Melisse, thanks for letting me know about your Kindle release. I'll make a note for the Thursday tag party.

    Anyone else have books you'd like tagged this week? Let me know.

  5. I've got your back, Laurie, ANY time. :)

    And speaking of Linnea, let's all welcome her aboard - she's just been added to the roster!

  6. Oooh! Welcome to the Brigade, Linnea Sinclair! :)

  7. And I have to confess to an omission. In checking over recent correspondence tonight (okay, and maybe not so recent) I realized I'd left Sheryl Nantus off the point list for recruiting J. C. Hay. You've now been added, Sheryl.

  8. *laughs*

    soon they shall ALL fall under our control!


    tickled pink to see Linnea here!

    and I'm running off right now to look at "Cybot Awakened"!

  9. Laurie,
    Happy to help in my small way, and to be recognized *blushing* in the post. Your link popped my site stats up - thank you. We've got readers!

  10. Resistance is futile

    Buhahahahahahahaw!!!!!! We'll get 'em all soon.
    I'll pass the word around more.

    Mmmm Tuesdays. I can do Tuesdays.

  11. Great first week everyone! I am still so very exicted to see all of us here. Welcome to all SFR authors. And a big FTL welcome to the SFR mentor for many of us, Linnea Sinclair!


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