Saturday, April 10, 2010

Welcome, New Brigaders!

Thanks for your patience while I've tried to get caught up (*puff, puff*) with the solar storm of activity we've had the past few days.  What a blast it's been signing on all these enthusiastic recruits. 

I decided to pull this section out of the Weekly Update (which will come later) and intro all the Brigade inductees in a separate post (the list is a long one).  If I left anyone out, please feel free to bring it to my attention (i.e. smack chief facilitator upside the head) and I'll include you in the next version.  Likewise, if I duplicate your name from the last list. (Or...maybe you've been secretly cloned!  Never know what mischief we have going on in our Sciences division.)

Okay, ready?  *takes deep breath from oxygen tank*  Here goes...

Bella Street 
Welcome aboard, Bella.

Danielle Meitiv
Danielle writes ocean-based SFR.

Eden Glenn
Eden was a finalist in the 2009 Beacon and was refered by Charlie Allden.

Elle Armor
Elle is a published author with Ellora's Cave.

Emily Alward
Emily was "desperately seeking a SFR network."  Glad you found us, Emily!

Jodi Redford
A published author.  One of her books was just featured on the Thursday Book Tag Party.

Cover designer extraordinaire.  Case in point: BLAZE OF GLORY by Sheryl Nantus featured earlier this week.

Katherine Allred
Published author of CLOSE ENCOUNTERS with CLOSE CONTACT coming June 2010.

Kaz Augustin
Kaz's next SFR will be published by Carina Press.

Nathalie Gray
Published author and active Skiffy Rommer.

Laura Scarlett
A 2009 Creative Challenge finalist and Intergalactic Bar & Grille attendee.

Leigh Barbour
A multi-published author.

Leslie A. Dow
Welcome, Leslie!

L. L. Rosser (aka Linda Burke)
Refered by Jean Ryan who is not a Brigade member.  (Pssst! Jean, if you join, you'd earn a point.)

Marie Andreas
I'm not sure about this, but I believe I've seen Marie's name on either the FF&P or Yahoo contest group.

Pat Hauldren
Author of shorts, working on a speculative fiction novel.  Pat writes for the Dallas Examiner as the Speculative Fiction Examiner.

R. R. Smythe
Welcome aboard!

Sandy Wickersham-McWhorter
Sandy is published with Whtie Rose Publishing and Wild Rose Press.

Sherry Mathewson
Sherry is a recipient of the Golden Wings Award.

Val M. Roberts
Val has an upcoming release.  Stay tuned.

Vicky Burkholder
Published with Ceridwen Press and Captiva Press (as Victoria Allen).

New cadets, feel free to tell us more in the comments below.  Brigaders, let's initiate our new recruits with boisternous hails and howdies!


  1. Impressive list! Welcome, new recruits!

  2. Nice to see you all here! Welcome, Magandang umaga po, Xosh gälmìsän,Nginda wundyjangum,Zoo siab tos txais koj, Mwabonwa bassa noose

    Which mean welcome in lots of languages - unless some joker on Google has just incited me to say something rude!

  3. Welcome to all!

    {{bearhugs Kanaxa}}

    the bestest cover artist EVAH!


  4. WOOT! Glad to be here!

    I see my author link in the sidebar, but want to update the url:

    Thank you, Laurie!!


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