Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Quick Vote

As many of you have by now noticed our side bar is grown just a little long. (Does a quick check to make sure that sentence isn't dirty... I think it's safe. Who's giggling?) Is there anyone opposed to the idea of changing the design of the blog so that there are two side bar columns instead of one?

Would you prefer two or three?

Burnett or Blond?

Wait... NVM... that was another conversation. O:-)

The end goal of this conversion would be moving the Bases of Operation up a little so they aren't Lost in Space.

Vote and discuss, please.
-Liana Brooks


  1. Can you move the Pages at the tops as tabs?

    Two columns would be good. I might do that to my blog too since I'm losing way important info (snert!) too far down on the page.

  2. LOL! Yes, scrolling down I see it is a tad long. Who prescribed via-- er, nevermind (heehee).

    Two columns is fine with me. I also like Marva's idea of moving some of the pages into tabs at the top too.

  3. I agree that more info could be moved onto pages. Also fine with multiple columns. I know I don't meake the effort to scrol down on most visits.

  4. Tabs is a great idea! As for sidebars, two is okay. Three is too many. I also like it better when the sidebars are on either side of the post rather than together.

  5. I've been on sites with two columns and they do work okay.

  6. I agree splitting up the column makes sense. Don't really care how. :)

  7. Make it pretty and I'm happy. ;D Love the two columns and tabs idea.

  8. Two columns will work for me. Also, the idea for page tabs at the top is an excellent idea. I use those on my blog and it keeps the clutter away.

  9. I do like the columns idea. Tabs may be fine for a website, but if someone isn't going to scroll down the first page on a blog, as Charlie has mentioned, will they actually go to a second or third page? So I'm more for the mutiple colums idea.

  10. Columns are good...

    Together on left or right, or split apart?

    Tabs at the top are approved?

    I'll see what can be done to make it pretty.

    If you hate it, let me know!


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