Saturday, April 24, 2010

Because there's nothing more fun than being there at the start

Know that he will succeed when all others fail you...


Centuries have passed since a desperate human expedition settled a planet far from commercial or military space routes. Through loss of tech and the need to survive on this often hostile world, the largest portion of the colonists revert to a feudal society on the eastern continent.

Of course, they do not inhabit this planet alone...

Marya - Anchorage Book 1

Marya - the sheltered healer/priestess, charged with keeping the heir alive

Roke - the perfect warrior who arrives in her hour of need

Suspicion and their beliefs divide them - together they could change their world...

Here's where the journey begins. Come join them - you may never want to come back.


Sandra Stixrude

Marya – Available NOW: a Red Rose Publishing Best Seller

Cold Facts Meet Flights of Fancy

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  1. Looks like a fantastic read, Sandra. Exciting, adventurous and what sounds like one compelling romance!

    *teleports to Red Rose site*

  2. I think I just figured out why I always liked Picard more than Kirk. James T. never cracked a book...

    Thanks, Laura!

  3. Greetings from Anchorage, Alaska.

    LOL! Anchorage Huh?

    <A prophecy concerning the heir's death, ominous dreams of a mysterious city...

    Very mysteirious in springtime. You never know what will show up from under the snow.

    <Unfortunately, the discovery of the assassin in their midst is only the beginning.

    And I thought Anchorage only had bears, moose, and crooked politicians.

    Looks like a good story. I'm still chortleing over the title.

    Never knew I lived in a fantasy world.

  4. Jumping the gun here, but do you plan on writing a prequel about the expedition? Because I want to read that story too.

  5. heehee, Lizzie - I had thought of that when I named the place. And it's not fantasy - you're simply living on different planet! What I wanted was a name that suggested a safe harbor - which of course, the folks who settled Alaska did as well.

    Heather - in a way, yes - the third book, the second half of Romenel's story, does contain a section in which the original colonists get to tell their story. *g* That was fun to write.

  6. Place names are fun. I believe Anchorage got it's name from someone, probably Captain Cook writing "anchorage" on a map at the mouth of Ship Creek, meaning here is a good place to anchor your boat or this is where we anchored, sort of "Captain James Cook" slept here.
    Our local bodies of water are Cook Inlet (named after Captain Cook), Knik Arm(a name from a local dialect), and Turnagain Arm(Named by Cook when he wrote in his journal something like "this is not the Northwest passage so we
    must turn again."

    I believe it isn't an accident that the name Captain James Kirk resembles Captain James Cook. The expeditions made by Captain Cook are the closest thing to the voyages of the Enterprise. Even the names of ships resemble each other, USS Enterprise and HMS Endeavour.
    Your story could have a similar origin of the name "Anchorage" to the real Anchorage. A space expedition was looking for a wormhole when they didn't find it, they anchored near a planet with three moons and entered "anchorage" on their star chart meaning we anchored here. Not sure how one would anchor a starship but thats alright.

  7. Ah, poor Cpt. Cook - he really did accomplish a lot before his rather dreadful demise in the Pacific, didn't he?

    Thank you, Lizzie, for sharing the place name lore! It's wonderful stuff!


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