Monday, April 12, 2010

An Introduction from an I/R SF Romance author

Hello! My name's RaeLynn Blue and I'm very excited to be a part of the brigade! I'm a published author with Phaze, Changeling, Whispers, and others. I write science fiction erotic romance, mostly interracial, but love comes all kinds of ways. I'm not into boxes and labels so much as I am in a good story! I wanted to drop by and say hello, introduce myself and to tell everyone what kinds of sf I enjoy. I read a lot of Philip Dick (over and over again), and I read the classics: Brave New World, fahrenheit 451, and Octavia Butler, and a host of others. I've written a blog entry about interracial romance at my blog, Check it out. I'll post more here, but I've never felt so at home. *waving* Best, Rae


  1. I bounced over and read your post, I'm responding here.

    First, I didn't know there was IR SFR. To me, sci-fi is inherently IR. I have trouble picturing our species becoming more isolated and clannish. We're working towards becoming a global community. Then again, if you consider race based on planet of origin rather than genetic details, well, aren't those what the best stories are made out of?

    I love the conflict that arises when two people from opposing cultures meet and learn to enjoy the differences. My current WIP explores the courtship norms on several planets, and I have fun writing that. What's cultural accepted, sometimes demanded, on one planet may be taboo on another.

  2. Hi, Rae!

    Speaking of Philip Dick, I just re-watched BLADERUNNER a few weeks ago. Great film that totally stands the test of time, and I really need to get off my butt and read Dick's original story. For shame, I know.

  3. Hey RaeLynn,
    I'll agree with Liana here (and not just because our names are similar--LOL!). I tend to feel SFR/RSF is inherently interracial/interspecies/intergalactic. I mean, take Cherryh's FOREIGNER series and the ongoing relationship between Bren and Jago. Or Lisanne Norman's SHOLAN books.

    But if you write SFR with a contemporary setting--then yes, I can see more the label of interracial as that's still where our world is at, culturally and socially. Nora's JD Robb's IN DEATH books have a number of ethnicities represented, and they're relatively contemporary.

    The only one of my books that touched on that was THE DOWN HOME ZOMBIE BLUES, but Jorie wouldn't consider herself in an interracial relationship with Theo. Theo, however--using his only frame of reference which is here--did view her as mixed-race because of her skin color. But that's was character-perspective from his part, not her part. Jorie's cultural expanded beyond one planet so her definitions would be different.

    Fun to play with those ideas, ain't it? ~Linnea

  4. Welcome, RaeLynn. I'll have to pop over and check out your blog. I read a lot of the classics from way back too. Dune is still one of my faves. (Wish someone would remake the movie and really do it justice.)

  5. Hi Rae!
    As Liana and Linnea have both said, I also tend to see SFR/RSF as interracial/interspecies/intergalactic. When you mix cultures -- and we do that a lot in SFR -- it just can't help but be that way.

    And I do love Bladerunner, oh boy.

  6. Yep, SFR is a great place for interracial Romance. Maybe the more we have it here, the more other subgenres will have it. I long for the day when there will be no distinction based on race.

  7. Hi Rae,
    So long as the characters remain vaguely humanoid, I'm with you. I still can't get to grips with too many limbs and too many eyes!
    Welcome on board.


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