So what is the SFR Brigade all about anyway?

We're glad you asked!

Mission Statement
(What are our coordinates, Captain?)

To advance the interests of the Science Fiction Romance genre and SFR writers everywhere.

Details: SFR Brigade is a networking membership that includes a Facebook Group Page (for discussion only--no promotion!), a Facebook Fan Page, a blog, and a number of private special project FB groups.
Purpose: To have fun, network with like-minded writers, build your name recognition and future reader base, and socialize with other SFR authors and NG ("Next Generation") writers who love science fiction romance.
Ship Dress: Casual. Relax and be yourself. Put up your deck boots and stay awhile. Friendly chatter is encouraged. This is a 'no salute' zone.

Long Range Trajectory
(Delusions of Grandeur)

As our SFR community grows, these are some of the distant stars we’d like to reach.

Re-establish Our Own Website
As our membership expanded, we outgrew our original Webs based site and closed it down in 2016. But we'd like to build another spacestation dedicated web site in the near future. What we need to get there? An activity level on the SFR Brigade that indicates it’s ready to make another evolutionary jump to the next dimension. We aim to misbehave.

Establish a Contest Exclusively for unpublished SFR
We will actively work toward establishing a contest solely for the various sectors of science fiction romance manuscripts. This may involve finding a partner organization or business to sponsor our endeavor. What we need to get there? Evidence there are enough writers penning science fiction romance to support a dedicated contest. Outstanding.

Charter an RWA Special-Interest Chapter
A possible RWA special chapter similar to FF&P (Fantasy, Futuristic and Paranormal), except it will be dedicated to science fiction romance. What we need to get there? Meeting the requirements to establish an RWA special interest chapter and enough support from members to charter such a group. Help us, Obi Wan Kenobi.

Found a Dedicated SFR Awards (Resurrect the SaFiRe?)
We have the fabulous SFR Galaxy Awards, and at some point in the future we’d love to see an award created ala the PRISM or the now defunct Safire Award for excellence in SFR, for published works. (In other words, our own little far out Rita(c) contest). What do we need to get there? Support from members as well as reaching each of the delusions of grandeur goals listed above. Make it so, Number One.

Found a SFRWI club
That stands for Science Fiction Romance Writers International (…or Intergalactic?) How does establishing an international club dedicated to science fiction romance sound? We envision this club being open to both published authors and ASP members (actively seeking publication). This will be our finest hour.


I'm not sure I write SFR. What's the definition? Science Fiction Romance, within the context of this group, is any original work of fiction that contains futuristic or imaginative settings where technology (not magic) and human or alien characters are the focus (not vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters or other traditional fantasy characters, unless they are an alien species resembling such entities).

This may include any of the following (with elements of technology, science, or physics):
  • alien romance
  • alternate history romance
  • apocalyptic romance
  • bio-engineered romance
  • biopunk romance
  • colonization romance
  • contemporary science fiction romance
  • cyberpunk romance
  • cyborg romance
  • dystopian romance
  • erotica science fiction romance
  • futuristic romance
  • hard science fiction romance
  • interstellar adventure romance
  • military science fiction romance
  • medical science fiction romance
  • near future romance
  • parallel dimension romance
  • planetary romance (takes place solely on Earth or another planet)
  • psi-fi romance (psi elements with basis in science, technology, genetics)
  • social (soft) science fiction romance
  • solarpunk romance
  • space opera romance
  • science fantasy romance (science blended with metaphysical elements ala Star Wars)
  • slipstream (sci-fi/fantasy blend) romance with tech/scientific elements
  • steampunk romance
  • superhero romance (when superpowers are based on technology or science)
  • time travel romance
  • utopian romance
  • young adult in any of the above
Still not sure? Contact an administrator to find out more.

Why should I sign on? So you can network while supporting your genre and your peers. Get "the buzz" on industry news. Invest in discussions about the genre, industry and readership-building. Help celebrate sales, debuts, book launches, contest finals, wins and other career landmarks.
Why don't you use Yahoo Groups? Although other contest groups and organizations use Yahoo Groups to conduct business, we believe the Facebook and blog format is more user frieindly to creating a professional network environment that can be viewed at the member's discretion without having to manage multiple emails or digests. The Facebook and blog formats also work more seamlessly with graphics and photos.

How do I join? It's easy! Just ask. You can request membership to our Facebook Group Page at https://www.facebook.com/groups/130939813657941/ . See also ABOUT BECOMING A MEMBER below.
Need more data? Fair enough...
Five Reasons Why You Should Join
1. Networking. Science Fiction Romance is a specialized niche genre. Engage with other SFR authors/writers in the discussion group and hear the scuttlebutt on the latest industry buzz, such as the latest promotional trends, the hottest authors, the best SFR websites and blogs, and what anticipated new SFR books are coming down the pike? When you join you'll have access to the collective SFR Brigade mind!
2. Build a Following. Start building name recognition and cross-promotion opportunities with your peers before your work is sold or published.

3. Help Create a Bigger Voice. Years ago the demands of Paranormal readers helped push Vampire Romance into a very popular standing by increasing market demand. Is SFR the NBT (Next Big Thing)? We can help make it the next big thing by working together to promote the genre.

4. Socialize with Like-Minded Writers. This is how beautiful friendships start. Don't write in a vacuum. Find peers and critique partners who totally "get" what you're doing. Don't feel like the odd person odd in the group of "regular" romance writers. Come join the fun!

5. Get educated. Ask questions. Get opinions. Learn about the genre, marketing ideas, promotion opportunities and effective social media activities through the hive-mind of your peers. We are a group of very diverse writers and authors who all share one love in common--Science Fiction Romance.
The SFR Brigade has grown to over 1,000 members since March 2010, and is approaching 2,000 followers on the SFR Brigade Fan Page on Facebook. Hop on this starship and make the jump to warp drive if you're interested in writing or publishing science fiction romance.

Can anyone join SFR Brigade?
Anyone who writes, publishes, or reviews Science Fiction Romance books is welcome to join. (Which is not to say we don't banter about film culture SF/R on a regular basis, which is probably very evident.)

If this is SFR Brigade, why is the address http://www.sfrcontests.blogspot.com?
This is actually the second incarnation of the SFR Brigade. The original (which still owns the site name) was a private site where a few SFR writers privately discussed the subgenre and plotted to take over the universe. From zero hour, the plan was to expand the SFR Brigade to other writers, but when the time came, it seemed the best way to accomplish that was to construct a brand new site instead of trying to rebuild and clean out the cobwebs of the old rusty one. And here we are, all bright and shiny. Hello!

What's the point of SFR Brigade? *Yoda laugh* Epic plans, we have. Yes. Very epic. Patience, Padawan, and our plans will be revealed. First you must seek out our message on the planet Degobah (or under the Mission Statement above) so you may begin your training.

What can SFR Brigade do for me? Ask not what SFR Brigade can do for you... :) I think Five Reasons Why You Should Join (above) will address that nicely.

OK, I think I've been drafted. Where do I report?
Since some of our requests to join the Brigade have been spirited away by evil Reavers (and we had to form an emergency task force to wrest them back from the crazed space cannibals) we've gone to an "automated" enlistment system.

Please go to the SFR Brigade Facebook Group Page and request to join. (Note: Our admins will verify your interest in SFR before you're admitted. This helps reduce the chance of spammers, bots and serial promoters infiltrating our ranks. If your profile or posts don't indicate any interest in writing or reviewing science fiction romance, you may want to contact an administrator to explain your interest in being added to the group.)

And that's it! You're in!

What's that? You don't have a Facebook account? You can still follow this blog for posts, news and updates.

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