Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Incoming Transmissions...

RT is underway!!! (That's common shorthand for "Romantic Times Booklovers Convention" which is being held in Columbus, Ohio this year.)

Mission accomplished!  Brigaders @ RT take note: We managed to get the late-arriving package of SFR Brigade buttons and info cards to Jess Granger via overnight express.  She's got 'em with her for distribution, so look her up.  She'll be at the Intergalactic Bar & Grille party (along with members Linnea Sinclair and Isabo Kelly) so if you don't see her sooner, maybe you can catch her there. 

Oh, and don't forget Jess's Beyond the Shadows book launch party and big book giveaway is going on all week on her Butterfly Blog

One of our members, Nathalie Gray, is reporting to The Galaxy Express on her RT experiences.  Seems she ran into another well known Brigader at RT and had a squee-fest.  Check out her report here.

If we have any Brigade members who'd like to file reports on the happenings, please feel free to fire at will!  We'd love to hear all about your adventures at RT.

One of our members, Barbara Elsborg, has a cover (not a SFR, unfortunately) up for CoverCafe's Best Contemporary Cover of 2009.  Barbara says:  "I wouldn't ask anyone to vote for my cover if they didn't think it was the best in its category - but if you do - I'd love you to vote. If by any fluke I won, it has to be good publicity - right??"  There's also SF/F covers, Historical covers, Two-Piece covers and even Worst Covers to vote on.  (You need to vote in at least three categories for your vote to be counted.)  It's fast, fun and easy, so if you'd like to support a fellow Brigader and see all the pretty--and er, not so pretty--covers, you can vote here


  1. Just checking in! RT is a blast. I've given out some of the buttons, but I still have a couple more. You can find me at the vampire ball tonight! Oh, and Nathalie is too awesome and a good dancer. I have pictures.

  2. Thanks for checking in, Jess! Jealous...wish we could all be there!

  3. We want to see the evidenc--er, pictures! I hope you'll post them later. Sounds like you're having a blast!

  4. Well, I'm back! I gave away all but one of the buttons, and several of the cards. We may have new recruits joining us shortly. And I'll post pictures on my blog this Saturday, be sure to stop by for the (blackmail) ahem, I mean loveliness.


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