Thursday, February 20, 2020

Announcing Pets in Space® 5! #PetsInSpace #amreading

Mark your calendars! The pets are returning in Pets in Space® 5! 

Pets in Space® 5 anthology will release on October 6th, 2020 and, once again, 10% of pre-orders and the 1st month's royalties go to who raise, train & place support dogs with U.S. veterans and first responders. 

Preorder will be available starting May 8th, 2020.

We are thrilled to announce the Pets in Space® 5 author line-up: S.E. Smith, Michelle Diener, Veronica Scott, Pauline Baird Jones, Laurie A. Green, Carol Van Natta, Regine Abel, Alexis Glynn Latner, JC Hay, Kyndra Hatch, Cassandra Chandler, and Leslie Chase. There will be 12 never-before-seen science fiction romance stories!

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Monday, January 20, 2020

SFR Brigade Members on Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker

Members of the SFR Brigade have weighed in with their thoughts and opinions on the conclusion of the Star Wars saga--the motion picture, Rise of Skywalker which released in December.

Stop by Spacefreighters Lounge today to see what they have to say.

If you'd like to add your thoughts on the story, you're invited to comment on the Spacefreighters Lounge blog. Click the link below to view the post:

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Pets in Space® 4 Now Available! #PetsInSpace #amreading

It's heeeeere!

Pets in Space® 4 is now available to purchase at any of the below retailers. Don't miss this superb collection of 13 all new, never before published stories by some of today's award-winning and bestselling authors, including members of the SFR Brigade. Many of these stories are part of popular SFR series, too!

Get a detailed look at all the stories right here.

This volume is about 1,500 pages in length--or about the size of FIVE full-length novels--so it will keep you in great reading for many, many enjoyable hours to come.

In addition, 10% of all pre-orders and first month's royalties will go to support Hero Dogs, an organization that raises, trains and provides service dogs to military veterans and first responders.

But hurry! Pets in Space® 4 will only be available for a limited time...and then it's gone forever!




Thursday, September 5, 2019

Announcing the End of the SFR Galaxy Awards

Alas, the SFR Galaxy Awards will be no more. This annual event launched in 2013 and was managed by bloggers Heather Massey and Laurie A. Green. A group of sci-fi romance-loving judges rounded out the team.

It's been a blast highlighting various sci-fi romances using a fun, quirky awards lens. Like all good things, it must come to and end. Here's why:

1. I (Heather) am no longer able to give the awards the nurturing it needs because of family and work matters. I held off as long as possible regarding canceling the awards to see how things would go, but Life Stuff had to take priority.

2. Over the past several years, there's been heightened attention given to the grievous lack of diversity and inclusion in romance awards. The situation has been so dire that Romance Writers of America (RWA) hired consultants to address "diversity, equality and inclusion issues in RWA." This issue has also prompted much-needed discussion in the SFR community regarding the same flaws present in the SFR Galaxy Awards.

The SFR Galaxy Awards has its own racial and gender biases. Even a cursory glance at the numbers reveals the award outcomes are not as diverse as they should be. Though Laurie has been my co-partner in this endeavor, the idea for the awards originated with me. Since I didn't bake diversity and inclusion into the SFR Galaxy Awards as thoroughly as I could have, it wouldn't be ethical to continue the event without rebuilding it from the ground up.

I intended for the SFR Galaxy Awards to be inclusive and diverse regarding race, gender, sexual orientation, and #ownvoices across its various parts, but my actions didn't always match my intent. I apologize to anyone who was harmed by my lack of foresight.

If we're lucky to have an SFR-specific award event in the future, my hope is that it's designed to be diverse and inclusive so everyone involved feels welcome, celebrated, and safe. Furthermore, if I have the opportunity to create SFR events in the future, I pledge to make them a safe space for authors and readers of all kinds.


I deeply appreciate the company of everyone who came along with me on the SFR Galaxy Awards adventure.

Big thanks to Laurie Green for her hard work, generosity, and intrepid support for this event.

A hearty thanks to the judges past and present for their incredible work and enthusiasm. It's been an honor to know and work with them. Thanks so very much to the winning authors for helping to promote the event as well as their wonderful SFR adventures.

And finally, thanks to the readers who participated, visited the awards site, and helped spread the word. SFR is nothing without its faithful readers.

All the best,

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