Monday, April 19, 2010

Announcing Publishers Week

We've already started some of the planning phase of Publishers Week, but need to nail down some of the details.  The dates have been set as May 17 - 21 and we'd like to assign post days and times according to how many publishers respond. 

For Publishers Week, we'd like SFR Brigade Members to ask publishers to tell us a little about their history, key personnel, what "flavor" of SFR manuscripts they are looking for, how to hook them, what to avoid, tips for submission, etc.  A link to a list of possible questions is included below.

As it stands right now, we have tentative plans for spotlights for these publishing houses by these members:

Carina Press -- Heather Massey
Ellora's Cave -- Barbara Elsborg
Liquid Silver Books -- D. L. Jackson
Mundania -- Arlene Webb via Marie Dees
Red Rose Publishing -- Sandra Stixrude
Samhain -- Sheryl Nantus (Am I right about that, Sheryl?)
Shadowfire Press -- Arlene Webb is waiting on confirmation

I know several of you mentioned in other posts you'd like to contact your publishers so if I didn't include you, I apologize for the oversight.  Please comment below or shoot me an email and I'd expand the list above to include you.

Not sure what to ask?  We've added a PAGE with possible questions.  Feel free to adlib, reduce or expand the list as you'd like. 

If you don't have time to contact your/a publisher this time around, never fear.  We'll do another Publishers Week in the fall (after the summer conference craziness).


  1. Just FYI, RT is actually next week (not in May :P).

  2. Doh! Thanks Angela, I don't know what I was thinking. (Probably wrote it in zombie mode.) I'll edit that.

  3. Very cool idea!


  4. I'd love to include my publisher in this, but I'm having technical difficulties finding an email addy for you. Am I lost or just confused? lol



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