Sunday, April 25, 2010

Weekly Update (SitRep)

It's been another stellar week, and although we didn't hit our membership goal for the first time, at *fanfare please* 91 members, we didn't fall too short of it.  Even once we reach crew capacity, we'll still have plenty of room for passengers.  This is a big starship!  We've had lots of great content posted by members this week that generated some excellent discussions. 

New Members
Ok, this is a pretty sketchy list and I know I'm missing a few, so if that's you, please let me know and I'll correct it at once.  (And then blame it on my aide de camp.  He's been distracted laterly.)    

Aubrie Dionne
Welcome to the Brigade, Aubrie!

Frances Pauli
A SFR author and new member who has already recruited a member!

Jaletta Clegg
Has a SFR series under contract,

Tannia Franklin
Tannie just slipped in under the wire today, so welcome, Tannia!

Point Standings
This is the fun part where I get to award points based on activity and contests.  As before, if you think I've overlooked you, please drop me a line.  (And also as before, I'll blame it on my aide.)  This week we were awarding a bonus point (total of 2 points) for recruiting new members.  Two members took advantage of that. The post generating the most activity was the interview with Linnea Sinclair by Donna S. Frelick (37 comments!) coupled with Linnea's three-book giveaway. Many points to doll out there.  Here's the week's point tally: 

1 - Charlie Allden for Officer on Deck duties

1 - Donna S. Frelick for interviewing Linnea Sinclair
1 - Donna S. Frelick for post with most activity

2*-Frances Pauli for recruiting Jaleta Clegg

1 - Kanaxa for designing the icon/logo

1 - Kaye Manro for Officer on Deck duties
2* - Kaye Manro for recruiting Aubrie Dionne

1 - Kylie Griffin, contest final (Shiela)

2 - Laurie Green, contest win (Lilac City Rochester)

1 - Liana Brooks for blog tour
1 - Liana Brooks for authors page poll
1 - Lianna Brooks for authors library page creation

1 - Linnea Sinclair for post with most activity
1 - Linnea Sinclair for banner artwork
1 - Linnea Sinclair for interview/book giveaway

1 - Sandra Stixrude for book tagging party

1 - Sharon Lynn Fisher contest final (Shiela)
1 - Sharon Lynn Fisher for Officer on Deck duties

1 - Vicky Burkholder for Officer on Deck duties

Overall point standings have been updated on the sidebar.

RT Update
Our SFR Brigade buttons and cards just arrived yesterday (as luck would have it), so we're going to try to overnight them to Jess Granger tomorrow so she'll have them available at the Romantic Times Booklovers Conference.  This isn't a huge batch, I think there are about a dozen buttons and fifty cards, but hopefully those of you who are there can get a button and some cards to distribute to help get the word out to interested parties about the Brigade.  Be sure to see the post on Linnea's blog radio interview Monday night (posted earlier today) and her RT Schedule is posted on its own page (check the sidebar). 

What's Coming Up?
This is going to be a big week. With RT in session, we hope to recruit some new members. See the post regarding Linnea Sinclair's radio interview on Monday night--support her by calling in with questions and ID yourself as a member of the SFR Brigade.  There will be a link to a book giveaway of member KS Augustin's book on Monday--watch for it.  Join in our Tuesday Tour and Thursday Tag Party to help support your fellow Brigaders. 

Attention RT attendees:  If anyone would like to write reports or send in pics on the events, I'll award bonus points.

Anyone with a book release coming up in May, please let me know so we can post an announcment and/or plan a launch party. 

Thanks to everyone for another successful week!


  1. Hey Laurie,

    Just a reminder, but Beyond the Shadows comes out May 4th. I'm starting the big blog party giveaway on my blog all this week starting today!

    Should I do another announcement for that?

  2. Yes and Forbidden Love is out on May 20. Would love a blog party here and I'll be doing so on my blog and guesting on other blogs as well starting around the release date. Giveaways too.

  3. Hi, late commenting here, I've been trying to work on my WIP. I didn't get a mention as a new member (I'm not complaining) but I'm thrilled to be here and do intend to post when I get my act together. How I wish this group had been in existence last year when My second futuristic romance 'Children Of Thde Mist' was released and I'd have loved a release party. Never mind, I'll have to get going with the third one, won't I!


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