Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thursday Tag Party!

Our Thursday Night Tag Party books for this week are linked below.  We have Meliise Aires' CYBOT AWAKENED that was just released in the Kindle version on Amazon, and Linnea Sinclair's latest Dock Five Series #4 just released on March 23rd, REBELS AND LOVERS, now out in both paperback and Kindle. (Other books in the series are GABRIEL'S GHOST, SHADES OF DARK and HOPE'S FOLLY.)  We also have two of the books featured in last week's Twitter Palooza giveaway, MARKED FOR PLEASURE by Jennifer Leeland and TAKING LIBERTY by Jodi Redford.

Not sure what this is all about?  Read the original message here, that explains what book tagging is and why we do it.  Then we recommend tagging each of these books with "sfr," "sci-fi romance," "science fiction romance," and "paranormal romance."

So here's our list.  Let the tagging begin!

CYBOT AWAKENED by Melisse Aires (Kindle release)

REBELS AND LOVERS by Linnea Sinclair (paperback)
REBELS AND LOVERS by Linnea Sinclair (Kindle)
Also available on Barnes & Noble Nook in paperback and digital ebook
(Nook uses a star system rather than a tagging system.)

WITH A TOUCH by Rhiannon Leith

MARKED FOR PLEASURE by Jennifer Leeland

TAKING LIBERTY by Jodi Redford

Have fun and thanks for supporting your fellow Brigaders!


  1. Tagging done! And I tagged last week's list, too. :-)

  2. I went in and tagged everyone. A BIG thanks to everyone who has tagged me. You guys rock! :)


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