Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thursday Tag Party

In addition to our Twitter Blast and Facebook Foray today (see earlier post), we've designated Thursdays as our "tag party" day.

Hold on, you say, what's a tag party?

Tagging is a way to promote your peers' books by using the Amazon tag system.  It's really quite simple, and I'll use the Kindle version of my CP Barbara Elsborg's SFR/erotica LUCY IN THE SKY as my example.

Go to the Amazon sales page for the book  (We'll make it easy by adding the Amazon links to the featured books below.)  So in this case, LUCY IN THE SKY.

Once you're on the book page, scroll down until you see the Tags Customers Associate with this Product header.

If you see the tags for sfr, sci-fi romance and/or science fiction romance have been added already, just click the box to add yours.  If you don't see the tag you want, you can also type another description into the box to add one. 

Here's the important thing:  After you type in "sfr", "sci-fi romance" and/or "science fiction romance", be sure to also include "paranormal romance."  Why?  Because the tags tie to communities, and the paranormal romance community is much larger, so this will bump the book up on the Amazon search engine.  The more descriptive tags you attach, the greater the book's chance of moving up the search engine list. 

Huh? you say.  That doesn't sound right.  If you have questions, read this much more eloquent (and detailed) article titled What is Tagging? on the Tag My Books on Amazon site. 

OK, ready to go tag some SFR Brigaders' books?  Let's start with these Kindle versions, and I'll throw LUCY IN THE SKY in at the top of the list, since it was kind enough to be our guinea pig.

LUCY IN THE SKY by Barbara Elsborg
MEGAN'S CHOICE by Ellie Marvel (yes, she's a member)
BEYOND THE RAIN by Jess Granger

Let's get behind these books as a community and help promote your fellow Skiffy Rommer's work.  (And while you're at it, you might find some great reads!)


  1. Thanks for advancing SFR! These books are already moving up the lists. :)

  2. This is the greatest. OMW to tag a book...which sounds vaguely illegal or like I ought to have a can of spray paint.

  3. hehe

    *passes Marcella a black catsuit and face mask*

  4. One thing I noticed during tagging is that many of these books have the Science Fiction tag, but not Romance. Are we to add that one in addition to sfr and the blended tags? Seems like that might attract a lot of the Romance readers who might be ready for SFR but don't know what to call it.

  5. The Ellie Marvel link isn't working. I am learning about tagging lately!


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