Friday, April 2, 2010

AGENTS: Stringer Literary Agency

The Guide to Literary Agents blog has posted an interview with Marlene Stringer. Stringer used to work with Barbara Bova, but started her own agency at the end of 2008.

She likes sci-fi, urban fantasy, and paranormal, and is looking for more romance.

The agency web site is under construction, but the blog interview includes submission guidelines. Here are some relevant bits from the interview:

GLA: I was looking over your recent sales on Publishers Marketplace and (I could be wrong), but I saw a lack of science fiction. It just seems that I see very little science fiction on anybody’s list. Is this a tough sell? Is it tough to find good writers?

MS: Not for lack of looking! I have a particular fondness for earth-based science fiction. Good stories are hard to find. I think in speculative fiction there’s been an emphasis on fantasy over the past decade. I would like to see more science fiction.

GLA: Are you looking for some of the more unique fantasy subgenres, like cyberpunk, splatterpunk and steampunk, etc?

MS: I love steampunk, and I am looking for it.


  1. Interesting, Sharon. Thanks for posting.

    Though I'm not sure I have anything that qualifies as "Earth based" SFR, I do have two that at least have a few scenes on Earth.

  2. Interesting, Sharon!

    I'm just not sure what she means by Earth based. I'm working on a romance set on an alien planet, but the two love interest characters are from Earth. Would that be Earth based?

  3. My *guess* is she means she's looking for science fiction stories set on earth. But based on her interest in sci-fi and romance, I think it would be worth trying anyway. Agents base their decisions on so many different factors, and if she loved your voice and concept I would imagine you'd still have a shot. My thoughts, for the two cents they're worth. :)

  4. Thanks, Sharon. This could cover quite a wide range of SFR including Steampunk, Apocalyptic, Medical SFR, Military SFR, Near Future SFR, Alternate History SFR, etc. etc.

    I may send one of mine her way when it's "soup."

  5. Ooh, ooh me, me, I do, I do! My first two books are both Earth-based, in that all the action takes place here despite alien meddling. Maybe Ms. Stringer would be interested in UM. Can't believe I missed this post when it first landed. Thanks for the heads up, folks!


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