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Publisher Showcase - Red Rose Publishing

A single Red Rose symbolizes love, respect, honesty and integrity as do the ebooks written by the authors of Red Rose Publishing. Many talented authors from all over the world gather to entice and delight you with their words of prose.

Step into the world of Red Rose Publishing, publishing with a touch of Class!

A little history about Red Rose:

Red Rose Publishing opened its doors in 2007. Founder Wendi Felter envisioned building a company where everyone felt they had a stake in its success, a place that would welcome differences. The name? The day Wendi decided to start her own company, her husband came home with two dozen long-stemmed red roses. What could be more romantic than that?

Three years later, Red Rose has authors from all over the globe – every nook and cranny of the USA, Canada, Great Britain, New Zealand, Australia – and close to 1300 titles available. In the interim, Red Rose has garnered awards such as All Romance eBooks’ Best Selling New Publisher and Romance Erotica Connection’s Interracial/Multicultural Publisher of the Year.

Key personnel:

Owner/Publisher: Wendi Felter
Head Content Editor: LaTessa Montgomery
Art Director: Shirley Burnett

Two of the biggest mistakes new authors make:

1. Not reading a publisher’s submission guidelines thoroughly – every publisher has different needs and preferred formats. The fastest way to a rejection letter is submitting without following instructions.

2. Assumin
g “the editor will take care of it.” If you want to present yourself as a professional writer, please be professional. Know how to write a concise, informative query letter. Edit your manuscript to within an inch of its life. Have knowledgeable people proof for you. The second fastest way to a rejection letter is a manuscript full of errors.

Heat Levels and Story Lengths:

Some publisher’s
will tell you how to write a romance. (Only one male/one female relationships, no second or third parties, no toys, no whipped cream, only erotic, etc.) Red Rose is not one of those publishers. Gay fiction? Ménage? Alien sex? No sex at all? Go for it. The usual no-list applies, of course (no minors, etc.) Red Rose accepts both Erotic and Mainstream fiction, so from closed-door to blistering hot is welcome.

Stories come in six lengths:
Sepals: 1 – 5K words
Petals: 5,001 – 15K
Shorts: 15,001 – 30K
Novelettes: 30,001 – 45K
Novellas: 45,001
– 60K
Novels: 60,0
01 and higher

For the full submission policy: Submissions

What’s Red Rose looking for right now?

While closed for most submissions from new authors at the moment, Red Rose is always looking for the fo

Holiday Themed
Interracial/Multicultural – what could be better for SFR?


Red Rose has a delicious variety of Science Fiction, as a sampling of some of our very own SFR Brigade members proves:


Marya: Anchorage Book 1

Know he will succeed when all others fail you…so reads the fateful letter of introduction which heralds the beginning of Marya's desperate journey.

When the Ktar chooses Marya to watch over the heir on his confirmation journey, she has no illusions about a pleasant trip. A prophecy
concerning the heir's death, ominous dreams of a mysterious city, and the certainty one of the heir's companions will betray him all weigh heavily on her.

The discovery of the assassin in their midst is only the beginning. His menace pales in comparison to the ancient evil lurking in the
mountain city. When Marya and her party are trapped and the men with her enslaved, she is forced into a battle of wills and hearts with two remaining choices: give in to the alien being who offers her power and prestige, or join forces with the same handsome assassin she sought to thwart.

Time Travel-

Dreams o
f Chimborazo

What hap
pens when you want to travel but end up in the past? Can you find happy every after or will the Land of Dixie pass you by? Evelyn Randolph lives in present-day Richmond, Virginia and has a pseudo-tumor in her brain. She begins to see Ravenel Morrissette, who is in 1864 Richmond. While Ravenel is busy trying to get the Yankees out of Virginia, Evie, a genealogist, begins to see him. He's always in a Confederate uniform so she reasons he's a Civil War re-enactor. The problem is they live in two worlds - he lives in 1864 and she lives in 2007.

Erotic Romance-

Cybot Aw

Sabralia lives a lonely but luxurious life in Emperor Sirn's Harem, her only companion is her obedient servant,
Qy, a cybot. Her life has largely been controlled by others, but when Sirn demands his Harem pleasure his Commanding Officers at a victory celebration, Sabralia makes a daring plan to hide to avoid rape by Sirn's men. The Palace is ambushed and her cybot gets her off world. The impossible has happened-Qy the gentle cybot becomes the man he once was, the warrior Kaistril. Pursued for valuable information, Sabralia is thrust into dangerous, unfamiliar situations where she must stand up to the challenges, or lose the man she loves.

Forbidden Love

They are Galaxies apart so different yet so much alike…

Dr. Maya Belle knows reptiles. While she is in the desert researching habitats, a sudden burst of sand e
ngulfs her. She can't believe what stumbles out of a massive dune.

While on a survey mission over the planet Terrain, T'Kon crashes his spacecraft near Maya's desert home. He cannot remain on this primitive warring planet for long. He must repair his craft and leave as quickly as he came.

When lust stirs between them a sultry unbidden passion hotter than the desert sands seizes them, and changes everything. Will Maya abandon her world for her alien lover? Or will T'Kon set forth without her forsaking their powerful forbidden love?

The Red Rose website is currently undergoing some construction, so please forgive our dust on some pages - we'll be all shiny and new after Memorial Day! Everything's available for you still during the revamp, though. Stop by and visit us:

Red Rose Publishing

Red Rose books, in e-formats and select titles in print, are also available at Amazon, All Romance, Fictionwise, Mobipocket/Diesel, and Bookstrand.


  1. Thanks, Sandra, for the very informative article on Red Rose Press. Love the history of how they got their name. So romantic. *sigh*

    Thanks also for highlighting some of our Brigaders books. All look like great reads.

  2. The cover and blurb of Dreams of Chimborazo pulls me right in. They all do. Thanks for taking the time to detail Red Rose for us, Sandra. With the policy no matter the heat level, as long as the story is a winner, no wonder Red Rose has to sometimes close for submissions.

  3. That was an exceptional breakdown of RRP, Sandra!
    Awesome job. As a multi-published author at RRP, I can vouge for your article. Although I haven't delved into SFR as yet, one never knows what tomorrow will bring.
    Franny Armstrong-ParaNovelGirl

  4. Another great profile. I've typed with several RR authors. Awesome all of them. :-)

  5. I love the name - Red Rose Press - I'm amazed it hadn't been snapped up! Sometimes simple ideas are the best and doesn't this one fit!! Very interesting interview, thank you!

  6. As the Red Rose Publishing author of Forbidden Love, I have to say that even with the upgrades going on now on the RRP website the new releases on the front page are easily accessible as are all the authors buy pages.

    ~Update: Forbidden Love remains on the Red Rose top ten bestsellers list and is ranked #1 on the science fiction/futuristic bestseller list.~

  7. Thank you, everyone! It's a wonderful place to be right now for us authors!

  8. Hey there, Red Rose!

    RRP takes a full range of heat levels not just erotic--just wanted to repeat that! :)


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