Sunday, May 16, 2010

Conference Notice

Cobblestone Press is offering an online Words in Motion conference focusing on all heat levels of romance, including sci-fi, on June 4-6th. An award winning historical romance author, Beatrice Small, will present on June 4th. Marie Dees, multi-published with a recent release—To Have A Warrior—will present:Beyond Microsoft Word: Technology for Writers. The conference will take place on Cobblestone’s forums. Free, but you might want to register in advance.


  1. Thanks for the info, Arlene. I've also added this to the web site calendar.

  2. Er,I wondered if I should have just tried to do that. Prone to screw ups, I'm still leary of posting. I'm lucky to have your help, Laurie!

  3. Am I missing something, b/c I went to their site but I don't see where to sign up for the workshop...

  4. You'll just need to register for an account on the forums. Go here:

    The conference will be held there. You'll see the 2008 & 2009 archives. But you'll want to have an account so you can ask questions. I have a feeling they'll be swamped with people registering on the conference days, so just join up early. (It's free and they do publish SF Romance)


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