Saturday, May 1, 2010

Coyote Con Will Feature Brigaders

Coyote Con hosted by Drollerie Press, the “First Annual 31 Day Digital Author Conference,” will be held May 1-31, 2010.  It's free!  Registration is required as well as tickets to the Special Sessions.  Space is limited, so sign up now.  Many sessions are already sold out.  Click here.
SFR Brigade's own Heather Massey will be participating in two of the special events:

Sunday, May 2: Heather joins author Joely Sue Burkhart for Science Fiction Romance Q&A.  (Questions can be asked of author S. L. Viehl who will post answers on her blog Paperback Writer.)

Saturday, May 8: Join Heather and fellow Brigader Nathalie Gray, author of Full Steam Ahead, for a panel on Steampunk Romance.

There are many other special events, so check them all out.

For those who can't attend RT or RWA, here's a chance to participate in a conference without having to travel from home.  Online conferences may be the wave of the future.  Please support Coyote Con.


  1. And both of Heather's are already full, wow!

  2. Thanks for the plug!

    @Sharon I know, isn't that something? I feel so warm and fuzzy.


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