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Publisher Showcase ~ Liquid Silver Books

Good afternoon, Brigaders.

Please help me give a big welcome to Maria Rogers and Liquid Silver Books.

Who are they, those behind the scenes gods and goddesses of the literary industry? They take great novels and help their authors to make them better. They inspire and sometimes smack authors upside the head when they need it. Most of all, they keep the gears of the publishing industry well oiled and turning.

They’re editors.

So, you’ve been pitching, querying and submitting your manuscript. Sometimes you get a letter that gives you a brief glimpse about what you’re doing right or wrong and sometimes it’s the dreaded form letter, the same one your writer buddy got last week. It tells you nothing. It drives you crazy. What did I do wrong? What are they looking for? Why isn’t it right for them?

Authors talk with each other. It’s a given. We talk about our rejections. We talk about what we could do better and we scratch our heads and wonder what the person on the other side of that letter was thinking. How do we get their attention? How do we get that yes? Here’s a chance to find out.

Maria worked with me on two of my novels, Slipping the Past and Last Flight of the Ark. She was amazing, challenged me to expand my horizons and she helped me to carve my novels into better books. She’s offered to give us a little insight into what Liquid Silver is looking for. So let’s get started and get a behind the scenes peek.

Maria, please tell us a little bit about the publisher you work for. When was Liquid Silver Books founded and by who? How many E-books do they publish annually and do have they any awards?

Liquid Silver Books is an imprint of Atlantic Bridge Publishing founded in 2000 by owners Raven Moore and Mike Feury. Seeing the potential for erotic romance books to flourish in the ePublishing industry, Raven and Mike opened Liquid Silver Books in 2003.

We're currently publishing about 200 books a year with a stable of over 100 plus authors, many of whom are award winning recipients of Eppies, Best of at many review sites, and award winning covers.

What are the most common reasons a novel is rejected?

A lot of time an author has the heart for writing, but his or her talent still needs honing. Storylines that aren’t ready for the primetime are often the biggest reason a book is rejected. Another one is passive writing, as that keeps the readers from really being drawn into the characters personalities and the story. Another reason for rejection is that it doesn’t appeal to our target audience. We publish romance and erotic romance in several genres, but if your novel isn’t something we think our readers will fall in love with then we might not be the right fit for you. Nothing personal!

What are the biggest mistakes new authors make?

Lack of self-editing. Double-check your grammar, your spelling, your punctuation and paragraph structure. Not that you have to hand in a perfect manuscript, but showing that you can produce a polished product says a lot about your dedication to your craft and your professionalism. It also means that there will be less for your editor to tackle in revisions, and thus less time to your release date.

What kind of things do you look for in a submission?

I like a good story arc, with plenty of emotional development in the beginning and middle, and hopefully some tension between the hero and heroine too. I like to see emotions coming from the characters, even if they are not aware of it on the surface. Vibrant scenes and concrete detailing is very desirable as well.

What grabs your attention, makes you sit up and want to read more?

In a word, atmosphere. For me, this encompasses a lot—the setting, the details, the world-building, even the language and speech style of the characters. The overall feeling the book gives you is, to me, just as important as the plot.

How far do you read into a submission before you know if the novel is right for you?

I usually know within a few chapters if the author’s talent and voice is a good fit for us, but sometimes I have to read an entire submission before I can really know whether or not the whole story will be a Liquid Silver release.

Tell me about a few of your favorite Liquid Silver science fiction romances and what they’re about. What really stood out in these stories that made them unique?

Well, you can accuse me of playing favorites, but Slipping the Past blew me away. That book is chock full of tension, atmosphere, excitement and romance. I really loved how much thought you had put into really creating a unique and original plot, and characters that the reader could both be surprised by and identify with. It’s not an easy thing, and you pulled it off beautifully.

I also love Loribelle Hunt’s entire Delroi series, which yes, I am the editor for as well. She has a great grasp of emotional tension and the way reluctant lovers can ignite when they are together. Her heroes and heroines are truly kick-ass and she’s always got loads of action that keeps your heart racing.

What is Liquid Silver looking for now? What kinds of submissions would you like to see pop up in your e-queries? Anything you’re dying to see more of? Steampunk? Futuristic? Space Opera? Any dream novels?

Our Acquisitions Director Tracey West has put out several submission calls, including “Geeks Need Love Too,” “Villain Romances” and Holiday-Themed Stories (Thanksgiving, Christmas/Hanukah are still open). I’m a Trekkie at heart, so I love stuff that is set on spaceships and other worlds. I enjoy just about every variety of sci-fi there is, whether it is post-apocalyptic futureworld, deep space adventures, or alien invasion. The authors’ unique vision brought to life is always a pleasure and an adventure to behold.

Last but not least, how do we submit?

New authors should submit the first 3 chapters of their work in the required format to; authors who already have contracted/published stories with LSB can submit their full manuscripts, same format standards, same email address. For our submission guidelines, please check out our website:

Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule and welcome to the Brigade, Maria. We’re thrilled to have you in our group.

D L Jackson.


  1. 200 novels a year published, a great group of authors, I can see why Liquid Silver is so popular. Thank you for sharing your time with us, Maria. I already know what a wonderful ride Slipping the Past is, and now I need to check out the Delroi Series.

  2. Thank you so much, Maria and DL, for a wonderful, informative interview. I think this is the first time in our Publishers Showcase both interviewer and interviewee have been Brigaders. :)

    I love DL's work, of course, but the Delroi series has me intrigued now, too.

  3. Yes. The Delroi series is going in my TBR pile.
    If you noticed, the covers on the novels I posted also belong to novels Brigaders have written. Sara Brooke's novel, Midnight's Ghost was released just last week and it's the first of a series. Rebecca Royce is also a fellow Brigader and has both sci fi and fantasy romance novels published with Liquid Silver Books. It seems every week, there are more and more new releases that a sci fi rom on the LSB main page. Check out this week's newest and you'll see Claiming Earth.

  4. Funny you should mention both Maria and I are Brigaders, Laurie. Actually, the covers I chose are also those of Brigade members also. Sara Brookes's novel Midnight Ghost was released just last week and Rebecca Royce is both an author of sci fi rom and fantasy romance with Liquid Silver Books.
    I've noticed on the new release pages of publishers a growth in sci fi romance. There are two on the Liquid Silver's.
    I too am intrigued by the Delroi series and I'm certainly going to be adding it to my TBR pile.

  5. This is a unique interview because both are members. Nice job, you two and very informative. Thanks for sharing. Slipping the past has such a lovely cover. Wonderful sounding book as well.

  6. I can't find my comment I left a few hours ago. My earlier comment echoed Laurie's. It's been wonderful getting to know details about you, Maria, and Liquid Silver. With 200 books published yearly, it reflects what a great group of authors and editors. Those calls for submissions are quite intriguing.

  7. I tried to post a comment earlier but it didn't show up. Here's hoping this one does!

    It's nice to see this interview from two Brigade members! It was unique. I love the cover for Slipping Time. Sounds like a great read too. My tbr pile will grow again!

  8. Oh that was interesting - thanks to both of you. Already read Slipping the Past, of course, but yet more to add to TBR pile.

  9. Yeah, I had a double post because of the missing comment thing.

    I can't say enough about Liquid Silver Books. I've have a fantastic experience with them from start to finish. The staff is extremely professional and all their authors stay well informed. They make the publication process very smooth Their covers are dynamite and the authors have a good deal of input into what goes into their covers. I had a quick response on both my submissions--twelve hours on Slipping the Past and two weeks for Last Flight of the Ark. Four months from the date I subbed StP, it was available as an e-novel. Most print publishers take a year or longer. They publish anything from sweet to hot and I like having the ability to stay with the same publisher for both my erotic and sweeter romance novels. Even Preditors and Editors gives them a "Highly Recommended" rating and with good reason.

    If your considering ePublication, this is a publisher you should have on your list. Ask any of their authors--we love them.

  10. I have to chime in with D L about the fantastic experiences I've had with LSB - I've got one sci-fi rom (as you see above *G*) and two paranormals with them and love they can handle both without blinking an eye - even the various heat levels I have. The staff has been absolutely wonderful to work with during the process and I wouldn't hesitate to sub to them again (in fact...).

    From a reader standpoint, I regularly give my credit card a workout from buying eBooks and there's usually something releasing from LSB each week that ends up on my TBR pile. :^)

  11. Big thanks to SFR for including LSB in your Publisher Spotlights. Maria is not only a great asset to our staff, she's a good friend. We've got some amazing Sci-Fi authors and I'd love to see more. It's the first section of any bookstore, real or virtual I go to for personal reading.

    Please don't hesitate to email me directly if you have any questions!


  12. LSB is one of my goto publishers for great SFR reads. Keep 'em coming guys!


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