Sunday, May 2, 2010

Weekly Recap (SitRep)

It's been another banner week for the Brigade! 

Although membership requests slowed down a bit, it's actually a good thing for two reaons: 

1) It gave us the opportunity to explore new territory--a SFR Brigade web site.  Thanks to Larianne Wills for the link. Though still in experimental stages, please give it a thorough shakedown and report back if you think it might serve our purposes (at least on a temporary basis).  SFR Brigade Web Site

2) We're almost at maximum capacity as far as site authors here on the main site, so I have a special request (plea, cajole or arm-twisting, as applicable). 

For those who haven't and don't plan to post to the blog, could you please contact me and we'll reassign your author slot to a new member.  Important: You will still be a full member of the SFR Brigade, listed on the roster and encouraged to participate in all activities.  If you should decide in the future that you want to post, we're reserving one floating slot for that purpose, and we'll also reassign the next available author slot to you.  (Does that sound like a deal?)

New Members

Ann Willows
Is working on her first SFR.  Welcome, Ann!

Gini Koch
Has a recent SFR release, Touched By An Alien.

Hywela Lyn
Author of "Children of the Mist."

Lisa Paitz Spindler
Aka in Skiffy Rommer circles as "Danger Gal."

Sara Brookes
Has an upcoming release with Liquid Silver Books, Midnight's Ghost.

Sara Creasy
Released Song of Scarabaeus in print this past week.

Sara Rustan
A published author with Samhain and Loose-Id.

Points Standings 

1 - Charlie Allden, Officer on Deck duties
1 - DL Jackson, Officer on Deck duties
1 - Leslie Dow, Officer on Deck duties

1 - Sandra Stixrude for the Tagging Party

1 - Frances Pauli for recruiting Ann Willows
1 - Laurie Green for recruitning Sara Creasy
1 - Laurie Green for recruiting Lisa Paitz Spindler
1 - Laurie Green for recruiting Sara Brookes

1 - Katherine Allred for the post generating the most activity

1- Laura Scarlett for her RT workshop information post

As before, if you think I've missed you, please let me know.  The points tally has been updated on the sidebar.

Publisher's Week: May 17 - 21
We still have room for a couple more if anyone would like to host a spotlight for their and/or a publisher.  Current participants and member hosts with tentative dates assigned for their spotlights are as follows:

Carina Press -- Heather Massey (May 18th)
Devine Destinies - Frances Pauli (May 17th AM)
Ellora's Cave -- Barbara Elsborg (May 19th AM)
Liquid Silver Books -- D. L. Jackson (May 19th PM)
Mundania -- Arlene Webb via Marie Dees (May 21st AM)
Red Rose Publishing -- Sandra Stixrude (May 20th AM)
Samhain -- Sheryl Nantus (May 17th PM)
Shadowfire Press -- Arlene Webb (May 21st PM)

If your interested in hosting a publisher that's not listed, let me know a.s.a.p.

What's Coming Up?
In the coming week, we look forward to hearing more from our RT attendees and we'll continue to develop and experiment with our new website. Don't forget that both Coyote Con and the Brenda Novak auction are still underway.  For anyone with a book release in May, please let me know the date and also if you'd like an official Launch Party on the SFR Brigade.


  1. The Website looks great! I'm interested in hosting a spotlight for my publisher, Lyrical Press. Can you email me with what to do? aubriedionne at yahoo dot com.

  2. I know you do know I want a launch party on SFRB! But we will have to come up with a date as my book, Forbidden Love releases at Red Rose Pub on May 20, and that's right in the middle of Publishers Week!

  3. Maybe right after Publisher's Week, Kaye? I've sent you an email.

  4. Thanks for the mention, Laurie! :)


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