Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Top Ten Reasons to Read LUST IN SPACE

1. You’re curious about the one-inch-tall vibrating man.

2. You love everything Star Trek, Farscape, and/or Battlestar Galactica, and feel shortchanged whenever a scene begins to get steamy, only to go to a commercial cut.

3. You want to see Lisa Lane’s inventive solution to the problem of intergalactic travel.

4. The scene in which the Esirian, Suxien, makes love to herself is simply delightful.

5. The book is packed with literary “Easter eggs,” sure to delight pulp sci-fi fans across the board.

6. Shape-shifters take “experimental” to a whole new level.

7. Four out of five erotic romance readers agree that LUST IN SPACE is a classy read and a fun tribute to the genre.

8. You would never have thought the space flu could be kinky.

9. LUST IN SPACE 2 is currently in development, and your TBR pile needs thinning.

10. You know you want to (and nobody has to know!).

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  1. That is such a cool title, Lisa! 'Lust In Space' sounds rather interesting to say to the least!

  2. LOL Lisa, love your countdown list. This is one I hafta read. You've really piqued my interest now.

  3. Thanks for the comments. It's a fun book, very classic-Star-Trek-campy--and the sequel is on its way. ;-)


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