Monday, May 24, 2010

Hailing On All Frequencies!

One of the aims of the SFR Brigade is to promote our members. So, from next week I'm going to be looking for and compiling information from Brigade members to feature as a regular post here on the blog.

What am I looking for? Well, any and all news about you, your books, interviews, contest news, giveaways, guest blogs, articles on writing or SFR-related info...anything that might be of interest to other Brigade members.

Eg. Here's an interview promo I might submit via email to be included in this sort of post.
Kylie Griffin - Kylie has invited guest author, Joss Ware, creator of the Envy Chronicles, an exciting new, post-apocalyptic romance series, to her blog on (DATE). To learn more about Joss's books and characters, don't miss this interview! (Yes, Joss is visiting my site but the date has yet to be confirmed!)

Not only will Hailing On All Frequencies! draw interest to our own sites but it'll double as an awareness raising-promotional opportunity in the wider internet community.

So, start sending me your news (don't be shy) - the deadline is Friday of each week. I'll post a reminder. Email me at

This will give me the weekend to collate the information then early in the following week watch out for my post Hailing On All Frequencies!


  1. Cool beans, Kylie! Thank you for doing this!

  2. Thanks, once again, Kylie for volunteering to coordinate such a great informational tool for Brigaders. I'm very excited about this.

  3. This does sound exciting! So basically we are going for any interviews Brigaders have with other Brigaders. Something along those lines?

  4. Anything that's newsworthy, Kaye, and what you've described is! Interviews with each other, interviews with authors, industry professionals, a topic you might be blogging about on your blog, an article you've written and posted, contest placings you've taken, book-list rankings, links to interesting sites applicable to SFR, requests from editors & agents, latest release info & book covers...anything you'd like to share or inform other Brigaders about.

    More eg.'s of what you can send me...
    *Jane Smith placed 3rd with her ms LOVE AMONG THE STARS in the XYZ contest.

    *Jo Jones is posting an article on "Creating an Alien Race" on his blog on June 1st.

    *Join Mary Hill over at Stars,Planets & Ships chat room tonight at 7.30pm - she's discussing characters with agent A.

    *Bob Downe discovered a great article about Creating Your Own Author Brand over on

    *Happy Birthday to Julie Gardner! She's 21, again!

    *Adam Mada's new release, GUNS & LOVERS, comes out in July 2010 in Australia, Germany in January 2011.

    Anything that's good news or informative. My inbox is waiting! :-)

  5. Just a head's up. I posted in the website forum a submissions call for SFR that I found.

    It has a deadline of 1 July, so check it out right away.


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