Sunday, May 2, 2010

Incoming Transmissions...

We have ignition...on the launch of a new companion web site!

This is definitely an experimental rocket, so please go to the site and run your system scans and diagnosis checks and take this sled for a spin.  If it passes muster, it can serve as our web site until such time that we can have a custom site designed.  Special thanks to Brigader Larriane Wills for the link!

It has quite a few fun features including:
  • Main Page
  • About Us
  • Forum
  • History
  • Guestbook
  • Photo Page
  • Links Page
  • Profile Information
...and more!

I'm just getting started adding content, so there'll be much more to come.

Oh, and if enough members are interested in joining the site [try out the application process], I'll upgrade it to a premium site (no annoying advertising and a few nifty added options).


  1. I tried to sign up but the confirmation e-mail hasn't come through. I checked both my spam filters.

  2. I didn't have any trouble signing up. It could just be slow email? keep checking. Maybe it will come soon. If not, check with Laruie.

  3. Hi Lizzie. For some reason your request hasn't come through, so I've sent you an invitation to join through the web site. I'll check back tomorrow to see if your request is pending. Thanks for letting me know.

  4. I tried to join but haven't had a cofirmation email either. I tried again, thining I might have typed in an incorrect email address and up popped a window saying I was already a member of Wordoress and to sign in. I tried several passwords with no effect so asked for an email reminder. Still waiting. (Sigh) hope I haven't scrambled the system!

  5. Got my confirmation email and I'm now a member! Thanks!


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