Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Continuing On...

I delayed posting today to give Laurann Dohner and her new release, Tempting Rever, the top spot for most of the day. Big congratulations on your release, Laurann!

I want to remind everyone that the Forbidden Love Blog Tour is still underway. I’ve been promoting SFR on several stops to enlighten non-SFR readers about our genre.

Today, I am guest blogging with best selling Paranormal Romance Author Caridad Pineiro and I’m talking about SFR. I also explored aspects of SFR with Cari Quinn and Linda Banche. And Nancy O’Berry has some humorous posts featuring “That Cheeky Lizard” (T’Kon, the FL hero). Check out my blog tour.


Caridad Pineiro
Cari Quinn
Linda Banche
Nancy O'Berry
Forbidden Love Buy Page
Kaye’s Website
Kaye’s Blog



  1. I'm the lucky one that won a copy of FL, and forget cheeky lizard, there's some rather intriging things T'Kon can do with the part of anatomy he has, that humans arent normally born with. A fun read, with an unforgetable hero.

  2. Kaye, thanks for the book mention and holding off on your post to leave mine up for a while. You're the greatest!

  3. I'll try to make as many stops as I can, Kaye.

    I also snagged your Caridad Pineiro guest blog courtesy of my Google alert for science fiction romance and forwarded it to Kylie Griffin, our new blog tour coordinator to include in her link round-up.


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