Monday, May 3, 2010

Incoming Transmissions...

If  you missed the *SOLD OUT* Coyote Con panel on SFR including Brigader Heather Massey, you can read the entire transcript here.  A very worthwhile read.  Great job, Heather!

New member and author Gini Koch has just joined the Twitter Squadron.  Welcome, Gini!  Gini has also been added as a SFR Ambassador to Comic Con in San Diego in July and Fantasy World Con in Columbus, Ohio in October.


  1. Welcome, Gini! And color me green with envy about your trip to Comic Con. Gawd I miss it. Will you be on any Mysterious Galaxy panels?

    Thanks for the link love, Laurie!

  2. Great panel, Heather, and welcome, Gini!

  3. Thanks, you guys. Been overwhelmed by many things and just saw this welcome now. LOL

    Heather, I have no idea what I will or won't be doing at Comic-Con right now -- my PR contact at Penguin makes all those decisions, and I'm low girl on the totem pole in terms of booking, so we'll see. The moment I know, I'll be sharing, believe me!

    Sharon, thanks for the welcome! Hope to be a more active member in the next couple of weeks!

    And, thanks, Laurie, for the nice intro! You guys are all great, I'm really excited to be on the ship! ;-D


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