Monday, May 3, 2010

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A Nightmare in Nashville

Just received word that the Opryland Hotel and Convention Center in Nashville where RWA is schedule for late July has evacuated 1,500 guests due to a weakened levy.  Click here for a TEMA report.  The hotel is located on the banks of the Cumberland River.  According to the TEMA report, the Cumberland River is expected to crest at around 50 feet overnight.

Unsubstantiated reports are that the hotel is now under six feet of water due to the severe storms and flooding in the last day or two.  It is unknown at this time how long the hotel will be closed.  There is no notice yet posted on the RWA website regarding the status of the RWA National Conference.

UPDATE:  The Nashville Business Journal states the Opryland Hotel and Convention Center is expected to be closed "for several months" after sustaining "major damage" after the levy breeched.  Read the story here.


  1. RWA has just released a statement via email that they are contractually obligated to hold the RWA at Gaylor Opryland in Nashville unless Gaylord notifies RWA that it cannot uphold its end of the contract. They are currently in a "wait and see" mode. With nearly three months until the conference is set to begin, it is unknown if the hotel may be reopened in time.

  2. Liana, I heard several people have been killed and the city of Nashville as well as other areas of Tennessee is a disaster area. It's a very, very serious situation. The media has called this Tennessee's Katrina. I'm sure hundreds have been evacuated and they are going to have a lot to deal with in the aftermath of this terrible storm.

  3. People are getting hotel cancellation notices. I wouldn't want the job of deciding what to do now.


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