Thursday, May 27, 2010

Food fight at Ann Wilkes' place!

Hi SFR Brigaders. Ann Wilkes is a fellow member of Broad Universe who recently had a blog post up on why she reads more male sf writers than female. Go here to read.

As someone who writes all that mushy stuff as well as sf ... well, I couldn't let that stand, could I? :) I approached Ann and asked if she was interested in a different viewpoint and, because she's such a terrific person, she said she would love to host a contrary perspective.

So, while Ann is away in San Jose for BayCon, my post is up at her place about why romance, and human connections, are such an integral part of whatever it is we write.

I'm not sure what kind of a reaction I'm going to get, so I thought I'd drop a line here. If you have a few spare minutes, please go over and read what I have to say and, if you agree, a comment wouldn't go astray either! :)

Now, don't go jumping on Ann. She's been wonderful about hosting me there and has been incredibly supportive of what I have to say. But if you think my point has any validity, then I'd be grateful for a kind word. And thanks in advance for all your support.

Kaz Augustin


  1. Thanks for the link. I'm one of the weirdos in SFR Brigade who prefers the science/speculation part of SFR to the romance part.

  2. Oh noes! Then forget you ever read my rally, Lizzie. Listen to me. You are feeling sleepy. Sleepy. You will forget everything you've read tonight. You will wake up, fresh and energised and NOT thinking about SF and not about romance at all. Sleepy....

  3. I'm greedy - I want everything. I want speculative fiction/science, I want innovation, I want danger beyond broken hearts AND I want well-developed relationships.

    Going over there now...

  4. Kaz - Awesome post, and really interesting comments popping up. Everyone go read it!

  5. (Also a quick note -- comment moderation is on for Ann's blog, so your pithy remarks won't show up right away. ;D )

  6. Very interesting to read everyone's take. Thanks for the link, Kaz.

    Lizze brought up an interesting question.

    As writers of SFR, do you think of your work more as:
    1) romance with science (romance being most important),
    2) science with romance (science being the most important factor) or
    3) 50/50 with both having equal importance

    I think I lean toward 1 and 3, though it depends on the story. Maybe I should create a poll?

  7. Yes, do create the poll Laurie. I tend to think of mine as (2), so a poll would definitely be very interesting! :) Thanks for the comment, Sharon. Ann's blog always has such interesting commentators.


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