Sunday, January 30, 2011

Submission Alert: Decadent Publishing Seeks SFR

Many thanks to Brigader Jessica Subject for a head's up that Decadent Publishing is looking for Sci-Fi with strong romantic elements.

A quick check of their Daily Dose of Decadent blog revealed a Submissions post addressing the question of what they are looking for, included the following: 

"I REALLY want some Sci-fiRom. Give it to me at any length." 

"End-of-the-world novellas"
"I would invite authors with back list titles they own to submit and see them published once more with a company committed to promoting."

There's your knock of opportunity, Brigaders.  Polish up those manuscripts and fire away.  Decadent's submission guidelines can be found here.


  1. This is so interesting, Marcella. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. Wow. I may try to finish something to submit.

    Do they not have any SFR yet? I looked and both stories I saw were shapeshifters. Normally I put those as paranormal. But they may not be.

  3. Anna, Kimber An's SUGAR RUSH is a YA SFR (with a Paranormal slant--a SFR take on vampires). I don't see any others at first glance.

    They definitely need to round out their offerings with more SFR (IMHO as a Brigader). :)

  4. It's cool cool to see publishers actually looking for SFR! One of the reasons I went indie is because there sure as heck didn't seem to be any agents requesting it (or plain SF/F for that matter). :P

  5. I have a few books coming out with them. Not in SFR but I can honestly say I love working with them. If you're interested, you should check them out.

  6. Clare Dargin has three sci-fi stories coming out with Decadent Publishing in the next couple of months.

  7. Samantha, you seriously made my day! I thought she had 2 coming out (one re-released which is a fave of mine) but to hear 3 has me hopping up and down with glee. :-D


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