Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hailing On All Frequencies - First of 2011!

We haven't yet had a new Communications Officer step up to the helm, so in the interim I'll be posting occasional Hailing On All Frequency posts  (but not as often as our former dedicated CO).  If you have any interest in the position, please contact me at Lgreen2162 (at) aol (dot) com in the usual email format. Consider teaming up with other Brigade members to share the duties.

Welcome New Members!

Chris Westcott

Darcy Drake

L. J. Garland


S E Gilchrist

We're glad to have you join our merry crew.  :)

Wrap of the Second Annual SFR Holiday Blitz

We offer kudos and thanks to Brigader Heather Massey of The Galaxy Express for her tremendous efforts organizing another highly successful SFR Holiday Blitz.  This years' event involved 15 participating blogs (including the SFR Brigade), 33 authors offering over 50 free SFR books!  Blog posts by Smart Bitches, Dear Author, and SF Signal really helped get the word out and bring in a big influx of traffic.

Of the 2011 SFR Holiday Blitz, Heather Massey said: "The generosity of the authors and the enthusiasm of the participating bloggers made the second annual SFR Holiday Blitz a huge success. Many of the readers who entered the contest expressed a high level of interest in adding science fiction romance stories to their collections. I look forward to organizing the event in 2011, and hope to expand it even more."

We're certainly looking forward to the Third Annual Blitz.

Winter Writing Festival

Need some incentive and motivation to make this a productive writing season? The Ruby-Slippered Sisterhood announces the RSS Winter Writing Fest, beginning January 10th and running to the end of February, on their blog.

You set your goals and sign up on the 10th and check in on Fridays to report your progress. There will also be a special web site, chatroom, special pointers and inspirations, and swag! What a fun way to engage your muse. Be sure to check it out.

Predictions For 2011
Wondering what's in store for the New Year?  Smashwords Founder Mark Coker offers predictions for the publishing industry for 2011 on Galleycat. Although somewhat colored by his POV, he has some interesting insights to offer.

Galleycats also features predictions by veteran literary agent and president Richard Curtis.  I think predictions #7, #9 and #10 certainly sound like logical trends, though I'm not sure all will evolve in 2011 or future years.

Borders Delays Payments to Publishers has an article on the nations' second largest bookseller delaying payments to vendors in an effort to preserve liquidity. 

SFR Brigade Wants Your News!

Please email me with information on:
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Be sure to include links if available.


  1. For anyone interested in the Borders situation, you can read more insights from a literary agent here:

  2. Great line up! Looking forward to another great SFR year!

  3. thanks for the wrap up! We really ended 2010 with a bang.


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