Monday, January 3, 2011

Houses, Companies & Imprints...oh, my!

For those of you on the journey to publication I thought I’d pass on knowledge gathered over many years concerning single title publishing houses, specifically in the mainstream sci-fi/fantasy/paranormal and romance genres.

Starting out I knew of a few major houses, mostly from looking at the spine of the books on my shelf but, over time and with the help of other writers, I’ve sifted through the information and think :-) I have a better handle on it.

A couple of great research websites include Speculative Fiction Book Publisher Markets website - they lists many print & e-publishing houses, Preditors & Editors - they have a huge listing of publishers, in alphabetical order and with recommendations and warnings, and Book Crossroads - a directory of e-publishers with submission guidelines.

I hope you find the lists useful in your quest for publication. Unless otherwise indicated the publishing houses are based in the US market and are mostly listed as Publishing House, Company and/or Imprint name. (NB. The headings Mainstream and Romance are my own distinctions not industry divisions, folks.) Googling the names should give you links to their websites.

Mainstream SF/F Houses
Penguin Putnam :DAW
Penguin Putnam: ACE & ROC
Random House: Doubleday, Bantam Press, Black Swan, Bantam & Corgi (UK)
(Random House)Ballantine: Del Rey & Spectra
Hachette Book Group: Grand Central Publishing: Orbit Books
Macmillan/Tom Doherty: Tor
Pocket Books: JUNO Books
Baen Books
Penguin: Viking, Sphere, Orion & Signet (UK)
HarperCollins: Voyager & Angry Robot (UK)
Prometheus: PYR
Arrow Books: Legend (UK)
Solaris (UK)
BL Publishing (UK)
Victor Gollancz Inc: VGSF & Magnet (UK)
Mushroom eBooks (e-publisher)

Romance SF/F/paranormal Houses
Harlequin: LUNA fantasy imprint
HarperCollins: EOS fantasy imprint
HarperCollins: AVON paranormal romance imprint
Penguin: Berkley Sensation & Jove imprints
Penguin: Signet novel imprint
Penguin: NAL romance imprint
Hachette Book Group: Grand Central Publishing: Forever paranormal romance imprint
Kensington: Zebra paranormal romance imprint
(Macmillian) Tom Doherty Assoc.: Tor romance imprint
(Macmillian) St.Martin’s Press: St.Martin’s Paperback romance (US)
Random House: Bantam Books romance imprint
Dorchester: Leisure paranormal romance imprint
Dorchester: Lovespell paranormal romance imprint
Simon & Schuster: Pocket Star Books imprint
Medallion Press: Jewel Imprint Sci-Fi romance
Hachette Book Group: Little, Brown Book Group: Piatkus (UK)
Carina Press (e-publisher)
Desert Breeze Publishing (e-publisher)
Devine Destinies(e-publisher)
Ellora’s Cave: Romantica imprint (e-publisher)
Loose Id (e-publisher)
Liquid Silver Books (e-publisher)
Lyrical Press (e-publisher)
Mundania Press:Mundania, Phaze Books, Awe-Struck, and Hard Shell Word Factory (e-publisher)
New Concepts Publishing (e-publisher)
Red Rose Publishing (e-publisher)
Samhain Publishing (e-publisher)
Shadowfire Press (e-publisher)
Wild Rose Press (e-publisher)
Wings e-Press (e-publisher)
Whispers Publishing (e-publisher)

(*Some e-publishers also have available print books)

By no means is this a complete list - I’m sure I’ve missed many but it’s a place to start. You’ll have to do the leg-work to find out more about them and their latest submission guidelines :-) .

Happy submitting!


  1. You left Carina Press off the list and we were voted totally awesome (okay, that's my wording) for SFR right here on SFR Brigade!

    Dorchester: Tor? I'm only familiar with MacMillan's Tor.

    I admit I'm a bit confused by your distinction between mainstream and romance presses. How would you define Penguin ACE differently, for instance, than HarperCollins: EOS or MacMillan Tor? I'm not sure the two lists are entirely accurate in their divisions, you might be better off with one list.

  2. Wow, thanks for all the work on this, Kylie!

    I noticed the same thing Angela did: I think in both lists Tor would be MacMillan/Tom Doherty.

  3. Ackk, my apologies, Angela, for leaving Carina Press off the list.

    As for the distinctions between mainstream and romance presses, I scoured my bookshelf for publishers and imprints that published pure SF/F as opposed to SFR, PR, UF or FR. So, I should've noted in the post that these are the author's own distinctions not necessarily industry divisions. Oops!

    I'll amend my errors, thanks for pointing them out.

  4. Carina is brand new, so I could see how you missed it. But thanks for this list, it's very helpful.

  5. Wonderful list. Very helpful. Thanks for the hard work, Kylie!

  6. Great list Kylie,
    I'll be sure to look that up in a month or two... =)


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